The Love Boat

ABC (ended 1986)





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  • We like it very much. Please bring it back!! It was my favorite show as a young child. I even yelled at my kids when I missed it... Because it did come on tvland for a little while.. Thank You Brezze family

    Dear Review broad, I am 40 yrs old and I think Love boat need's to come back on the air and I miss it so bad it made me mad... I watched it when I was a little kid with my faimly and friends I really think you need to put it back on the air. My kids wathced that show and I would tell them that this is what I watched when I was a little kid I sure do miss it been on!!!! So how about yall put it back on the air I have been wanting to watch it so bad.... I am expeting for it to be back on right now please it makes me mad...... Thank you Breeze family

    I won't it back now and if we don't get it back untell we do i am going to keep on writng to u!!