The Love Boat - Season 2

ABC (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • Third Wheel/Grandmother's Day/Second String Mom
    Gopher gives his parents a cruise as a Mother's Day present. Gopher's father grows jealous of the close relationship between mother and son. An older couple, who has finally seen its youngest child move out of the house, is stunned by an unexpected pregnancy. A widower's teenage daughters repeatedly reject his new wife, but must rely on her help when they get into a jam in Mexico.moreless
  • Super Mom/I'll See You Again/April's Return
    One-time stowaway April Lopez returns to the ship as a popular singer. However, she grows tired of the hassles of fame and decides that she would like to become a cruise director. Julie tries to show her the ropes, but April ends up creating havoc wherever she goes. A couple brings its four rambunctious children along on its second honeymoon. The woman repeatedly ignores her husband to tend to the children's needs, and April inadvertently creates further problems with their marriage. A buddy of Capt. Stubing's from his military days comes aboard, and is shocked to see the former USO star with whom he once had a romance. Due to a misunderstanding, each believes the other is to blame for cutting off their affair.moreless
  • Sounds of Silence/Cyrano de Bricker/Murder on the High Seas
    A singer tries to persuade his manager to let him abandon the shock tactics that made him famous and let his music speak for itself. He becomes even more determined to establish some credibility after he falls for a deaf friend of Julie's. Doc finds himself caught in the middle when an old friend grows tired of her inattentive husband's tendency to put gambling ahead of their relationship. Isaac becomes convinced that a couple plans to murder Capt. Stubing. Everyone initially believes that he is just too caught up in the murder mystery that he has been reading, but the captain and Gopher soon begin to share his suspicions.moreless
  • Ages of Man/Families/Bo 'n' Sam
    Julie ends up in the middle of an unusual love triangle when the visiting 13-year-old son of the head of the cruise line develops a crush on her at the same time that she is trying to win over a charming older passenger. Two longtime acquaintances find their attempt at building a romance complicated by their parents' antagonistic relationship: her father is publisher of the newspaper where he works; and his mother is leading the efforts to unionize the workers. In honor of Capt. Stubing's fifth anniversary at the helm, the crew pays two men to build a wooden model of the ship. The builders are left scrambling to undo the damage after the present accidentally gets smashed.moreless
  • Funny Valentine/The Wallflower/A Home is Not a Home
  • The Decision/Poor Little Rich Girl/Love Me, Love My Dog
  • A Good & Faithful Servant/Secret Life of Burl Smith/Tug of War/Designated Lover
    A wealthy woman and her butler have trouble enjoying their cruise when they keep on bumping into each other on board. Gopher's dream girl, the famous Shirl Tyson, boards the Princess but he can't seem to make his fantasy a reality. A separated couple fight over their son without realizing the damage that it is doing. Reggie Jackson (appearing as himself) can't convince anyone on board he is who he says he is.moreless
  • Dream Ship/Best of Friends/Aftermath
    Crew members learn that Captain Stubing is under consideration to take over a prestigious cruise ship and go overboard to help their captain make an outstanding impression; a woman unknowingly makes a date with a friend's fiance; a disabled surgeon belittles Doc for practicing aboard a cruise ship until Doc makes a surprising diagnosis. GUEST STARS: Hans Conried, Ben Murphy, Donna Pescow, Carol Lynley, Richard Anderson, Diana Muldaurmoreless
  • Disco Baby/Alas, Poor Dwyer/After the War/Ticket to Ride/Itsy Bitsy (2)
    Julie's high-school class holds its ten-year reunion on board the Pacific Princess.
  • Disco Baby/Alas, Poor Dwyer/After the War/Ticket to Ride/Itsy Bitsy (1)

    Julie's high-school class holds its ten-year reunion on board the Pacific Princess:

    Julie and her old flame rekindle their romance, to the chagrin of his fiancee and dance partner.

    Captain Stubing tries to help the head of the English and drama department, who is severely alcoholic.

    A draft dodger feels guilty and dreads facing his old best friend, now a disabled Vietnam veteran.

    A woman searches for her secret admirer on the ship, who sent her a poem and the ticket for the cruise.

    Doc has to face his prejudice when he finds the slim physical education teacher he wanted to date is now overweight.

  • Like Father, Like Son/Don't Push Me/Second Chance
    A father takes too much of a liking to his son's new girlfriend; a bachelor is terrified at the idea of marrying his gung-ho girlfriend; the crew gives a troubled teen a chance at rehabilitation.
  • Gopher's Opportunity/Home Sweet Home/The Switch
    Gopher quits his job to manage a new hotel; a wealthy eccentric widow books a five-year passage and begins meddling in the crew members' lives; a magician tries to avoid his assistant by sending his brother to perform in his place.
  • Second Time Around/The 'Now' Marriage/My Sister, Irene
    Doc's ex-wife hires an actor – who takes his role a bit too seriously – as her fiance; a philandering marriage counselor's wife seeks solace from Captain Stubing; a woman pretends to be her own sister for a reunion with a long-ago sweetheart.
  • Double Wedding/The Ventriloquists/Julie Falls Hard
    Identical twin sisters decide to swap fiances; a separated ventriloquist team use their dummies to rebuild their relationship; a handsome widower proposes to Julie, who has fallen in love with him and his teenage children.
  • Isosceles Triangle/El Kid/The Last Hundred Bucks
    A beauty can't choose between Captain Stubing and Doc; a man and his wife return to the ship with an orphaned boy; a hospital executive falls for a seemingly successful businessman.
  • Folks from Home/The Captain's Cup/Legal Eagle
    Doc must perform a risky operation after an accident; one of the ship's laborers is recruited to replace a missing dignitary; a bitterly divorced man has it in for his ex-wife's attorney.
  • Heads or Tails/The Little People/Mona of the Movies
    Two passengers place a bet on who can win Julie's affections first. A son who loves his parents is shocked when he discovers his fiance doesn't. A stumbling passenger tries to work up the nerve to ask out a famous movie star, but his shyness keeps creating more problems.
  • Tony's Family/The Minister and the Stripper/Her Own Two Feet
    Crew members make a valiant effort to keep six stowaways a secret from Capt. Stubing; a church member disapproves of her minister's new romance; a nearly-blind woman refuses to admit her problem until Doc intercedes.
  • Till Death Do Us Part - Maybe/Chubs/Locked Away
    A ghost experiences jealousy as his mission to find his wife a new husband appears to be succeeding; overprotective Gopher mistakenly entrusts his kid sister to Doc to stave off the ship's wolves, not realizing that she's all grown up; a long-divorced couple is accidentally trapped in an isolated cabin.
  • Accidental Cruise/The Song is Ended/A Time for Everything/Anoushka
    An executive and his secretary are mistakenly assigned the honeymoon suite; a songwriter's music renews a woman's love for her husband; Captain Stubing meets his daughter by a former girlfriend; Julie helps give a Russian commissar a sexy new image.
  • Ship of Ghouls
    Ship of Ghouls
    Episode 7
    A magician keeps his engagement secret in order to dazzle female audiences, while his neglected fiancee turns to Captain Stubing for comfort; Doc and Gopher pursue a model who is afraid to face people after a recent accident; a boy with a habit of lying can't get anyone to help during a real time of need.moreless
  • The Kissing Bandit/Mike and Ike/The Witness
    A shy young man becomes a completely different person at night; a businessman who doesn't have time for his family learns a valuable lesson; a man who believes his chances of survival are better at sea than as a witness in a gangland trial receives loving sympathy from a fellow passenger.moreless
  • Where is it Written?/Julie's Aunt/The Big Deal
    Captain Stubing's Uncle Cyrus uses every trick in his devious mind to get Julie alone, until her "Aunt Phoebe" intervenes; a desperate businessman uses his daughter as bait to close a deal; the neglected wife of a publisher romances a novelist, hoping it will give him the inspiration for the final chapter of his book.moreless
  • The Man Who Loved Women/A Different Girl/Oh, My Aching Brother
    A man makes a move on three women; not knowing that they are travelling companions. Captain Stubbing's god son is taking a cruise with his wife, whom he married two years ago but his military duty kept him away. And two brothers who stage false injuries, so that they can sue the insurance company, have targeted the cruise line.moreless
  • Julie's Dilemma/Who's Who?/Rocky
    Julie's parents arrive on board the Pacific Princess and announce their plans to divorce; an author of morally uplifting pamphlets and a prim censor fall in love while sharing a cabin; a young girl's tomboy image falters after she receives her first kiss.
  • The Search
    The Search
    Episode 2
    A woman who grew up in an orphanage has tracked down the woman who gave her up as a newborn. While trying to steel her nerves to meet the woman onboard the ship, she falls for a fellow passenger, a soap opera actor.
  • Isaac's Holiday
    Isaac's Holiday
    Episode 1
    A vacationing Isaac sails on the ship as a passenger. Seeing a beautiful young woman, he impresses her with lies about being rich and famous.
  • Marooned
    Episode 1
    The captain, Doc, Gopher, Julie and some guests visit an uninhabited island near Cabo San Lucas, where a nutty hermit takes them prisoner with a gun. Meanwhile, a hurricane bears down on the island. Gopher drives everyone crazy as he anxiously awaits his upcoming vacation.