The Love Boat - Season 4

ABC (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • Tony and Julie/Separate Beds/America's Sweetheart

    Julie, late for work, brazenly steals a cab ride from someone who turns out to be a special passenger in more ways than one.

    A recently divorced couple is forced to share a cabin after each wrongly assumes the other sold their ticket.

    Vicki's idol, a popular teenage actress, comes aboard to shoot scenes for her television show.

  • Maid for Each Other/Lost and Found/Then There Were Two

    Gopher's aunt tries to hide the fact that she is no longer wealthy and now works as a maid for a wealthy passenger.

    One of the ship's employees, whose wife has just died, abandons his infant son in the Captain's quarters before running into his high school prom date.

    One of two remaining bachelors in a long running contest stand to win a $50,000 pot if the other gets married first.

  • Vicki and the Gambler/Love with a Skinny Stranger/That Old Gang of Mine

    Captain Stubing's professional gambler friend convinces Vicki she's a natural at picking horses and can live a first class lifestyle without working for it.

    A woman discovers the downside of her obese fiancee losing all of his excess weight.

    A trio of aging safecrackers plan to make their final and biggest score while on the ship.

  • Two for Julie/Aunt Hilly/The Duel

    A pair of toymakers scheme against each other to win Julie's affection.

    Captain Stubing's rich and famous sister convinces him that Vicki would be better going to a private school in France.

    Doc is challenged to a duel by an expert sword fighter when he is caught flirting with the man's wife.

  • I Love You Too, Smith/Mamma and Me/Sally's Paradise

    Gopher's arch-nemesis, a combative customs agent, is devastated after catching her boyfriend cheating.  A recent widow tries to sabotage her adult son's relationship with another passenger. The ship's boutique operator invites the three men she's engaged to on the same trip.

  • Black Sheep/Hometown Doc/Clothes Make the Girl

    Issac's estranged uncle's attempt to prove he's a reformed criminal appears to be a smokescreen, but all is not as it seems. Doc feels compelled to go on extended leave when a recent medical school graduate who had his schooling paid for by Doc's small hometown announces he's not going to practice there as promised. One of the ship's valets "borrows" a wealthy passenger's wardrobe to gain the approval of the mother of an attractive young woman.

  • Lady from Sunshine Gardens/Eye of the Beholder/Bugged

    Gopher is threatened with a million dollar lawsuit when a lawyer volunteers his services to an attractive nudist who wants to sunbathe naked.

    A rancher attempts to befriend a recently blinded fashion designer who has lost all of her confidence.

    A man becomes preoccupied with the fear that his soon-to-be ex-wife has the entire ship bugged.

  • Return of the Ninny/Touchdown Twins/Split Personality
  • Isaac and the Mermaids/Humpty, Dumpty/Aquaphobic
  • Lose One, Win One/For the Record/Mind My Wife

    A gold-digging woman who is about to marry into money using an alias runs into an old high school crush.

    An employee of a world record book stands to make a $10,000 bonus if a certain passenger is able to set a record by making love to four more women before the end of the cruise.

    Doc agrees to look after his best friend's wife, who proves to be a real tease.

  • Gopher's Bride/Love With a Married Man/Not Tonight, Jack!

    Gopher falls in love with a woman from Quebec who unexpectedly shows up in response to phony love letters written under his name by Doc and Issac. The frustrated husband of a workaholic executive finds himself tempted by another woman whose workaholic husband has just died. A man becomes an on-board nomad when his old-fashioned date finds out he booked them both in the same cabin.

  • April the Ninny/The Loan Arranger/First Voyage, Last Voyage
  • From Here to Maternity/Jealousy/The Trigamist

    A man is convinced his wife is about to give birth prematurely, causing Doc a lot of grief.  Captain Stubing falls head over heels for a passenger, making Vicki extremely jealous.  A judge falls for a man she sentenced for being a polygamist.

  • Isaac's Teacher/Seal of Approval/The Successor

    Isaac fears his favorite high school teacher will be disappointed in his career choice, and goes to great lengths to hide the truth from her. A famous seal trainer becomes deeply depressed after the seal jumps overboard. A healthy woman who is convinced she's about to die goes on a quest to find a new lover for her husband, much to his chagrin.

  • The Frugal Pair/Doc's Dismissal/The Girl Next Door
    A couple takes a cruise to celebrate its 40th anniversary, but considers breaking up after the husband learns that his wife secretly invested money in the stock market for years. They are now wealthy, but he is furious because he could have retired much sooner. A woman tries to get her husband's attention by claiming that Doc made a pass at her during an examination. A man sneaks on the cruise because he doesn't believe the man travelling with his girlfriend is her brother. He convinces the passenger in the cabin next to theirs to let him stay by claiming to be with the CIA.moreless
  • The Captain's Bird/That's My Dad/Captive Audience
    Capt. Stubing decides to get Vicki a parrot for Christmas. Unfortunately, it hasn't been trained to talk, and Gopher and Isaac's efforts to train it prove disastrous. A stowaway convinces the crew that a playboy passenger is his father. A father and son, who haven't spoken for ten years since the younger man left their singing act to go solo, resist their wives' efforts to reunite them.moreless
  • Captain's Triangle/Boomerang/Out of This World
    The captain's ex-girlfriend comes aboard the ship and constantly makes passes at him because she feels neglected by her husband. A model pretends to be married to keep away annoying suitors. A man is convinced that a fellow passenger is an alien who turns into a plant every night.
  • She Stole His Heart/Return of the Captain's Brother/Swag and Mag
    A kleptomaniac seeks the help of a psychiatrist to deal with her problem. He tries to distance himself from her when they begin falling for each other. Capt. Stubing's brother Marshall returns to the ship to get married. He has second thoughts when his fiancée reveals that she is broke, and is tempted by a past fling. A television star comes aboard the ship to accept a hero award on behalf of his character, a tough detective. A loudmouth begins harassing him, causing him to look bad in front of both his manager/girlfriend and number one fan Vicki.moreless
  • Tell Her She's Great/Matchmaker, Matchmaker Times Two/The Baby Alarm
    Isaac forces his friends to lie to his aunt about the quality of her performance in a local play, but his plan soon backfires. Two young people grow tired of their parents' constant attempts to push them together. A single mother hopes to find romance aboard the ship. She uses her son as a judge of character--she doesn't trust anyone who causes the baby to cry.moreless
  • Secretary to the Stars/Julie's Decision/The Horse Lover/Gopher and Isaac Buy a Horse
  • The Mallory Quest/The Offer/Julie, the Vamp (2)
    As the search for Mallory's nephew continues, a mysterious man begins following Gopher, Marvin, Peter and Marcia and trying to thwart their efforts. Peter grows suspicious, and forces Mallory to come clean about his real reasons for wanting to track down his nephew. A suddenly repentant Mallory tries to make amends with his wife. Peter and his brother's fiancée grow attracted to each other. Capt. Stubing considers taking the job offer so that he can set aside more money for Vicki's college education. Julie's college friend and his crazy girlfriend continue to make her life difficult.moreless
  • The Mallory Quest/The Offer/Julie, the Vamp (1)
    Famed author Brian Mallory gives three people free tickets to a Caribbean cruise. He then presents each of them--and Gopher--with gold coins. He explains that they are among the last people to have spent time with his nephew; and offers them $100,000 if they can track down the young man, who is believed to be on one of the islands the ship will be visiting. One of the passengers taking part in the quest is about to donate a kidney to his brother. A young woman follows him around and seems to take a special interest in everything he does. Mallory's wife finally grows tired of his aloof and cruel behavior toward her. She leaves him, and seeks comfort with Doc. An old friend asks Capt. Stubing to leave the ship to help him run his business. A jealous woman accuses Julie of trying to steal her fiancé, a man who was a casual acquaintance of Julie's in college.moreless
  • Target Gopher/The Major's Wife/Strange Honeymoon/The Oilman Cometh
  • The Promoter/The Judges/The Family Plan/Forever Engaged/May the Best Man Win (2)
    Vicki tries to play matchmaker for Capt. Stubing and Emily, whose husband still plans on winning her back. Gopher lands in a Curacao jail after Doc sends him on a wild goose chase so that he can get cozy with the marriage-a-thon judges. Carl and Mary Ann decide that they were wrong to interfere with their kids' wedding plans; but their new romance drives a wedge between the couple. Mary considers calling it quits with Tom, who is physically unable to say the words "I do" because of his subconscious fears about marriage. Emily accuses Marv of treachery after her fiancé suddenly reappears in Curacao and denies that he planned to leave her.moreless
  • The Promoter/The Judges/The Family Plan/Forever Engaged/May the Best Man Win (1)
    A man organizes a "marriage-a-thon" cruise, with special prizes to be given to the couple found to be the most compatible. At the same time, he tries to save his own crumbling marriage. Doc tricks Gopher into taking his place as one of the judges, but comes to regret it when the two attractive female judges constantly try to make time with Gopher. The single parents of one of the engaged couples come aboard with the hopes of breaking up their kids, who they think are too young to be tying the knot. A couple tries to finally get married after ten years together--and nine broken engagements. A groom decides to dump his fiancée, but skips the cruise and leaves his best man to break the news to the bride. The best man is Marv, the young man who befriended Julie when he was best man for another wedding on the Alaska cruise. He cannot bring himself to tell the bride the truth, particularly because he also has feelings for her.moreless
  • Friends and Lovers/Sergeant Bull/Miss Mother
    Gopher convinces Julie to pose as his girlfriend to impress his abrasive fraternity brother. Complications arise when the two longtime friends begin falling for each other. Four men who served together in Korea hold their reunion on the ship. The other men ask a widowed cabin stewardess to woo their gung-ho buddy as a distraction, as he won't talk about anything but the army. A single mother-to-be finds romance with a fellow passenger, but fears that he won't react well to the news of her pregnancy.moreless
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