The Love Boat

Season 1 Episode 15

Hollywood Royalty/The Caper/The Eyes of Love/Masquerade (1)


Full Episode: Hollywood Royalty/The Caper/The Eyes of Love/Masquerade (1)


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The Love Boat sets sail with two famous Hollywood stars, married couple Roz Rogers and Bill Klieg who need to find a balance between their professional and personal lives. An inept team of thieves board the ship and try numerous tactics to steal the Star of Kashmir, an expensive jewel brought aboard the ship by Ms. Rogers. Two childhood friends from a school for the blind meet up on the ship - only one of them isn't blind anymore. But that's not the only secret he is keeping from his friend. A philandering husband looks like he will be caught out when he boards the ship with both his wife and his mistress.moreless
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