The Lovers

(ended 1971)


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The Lovers

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A comical struggle of a young couple who are so involved with the gameplay they think is expected in a relationship that despite really caring about each other they are constantly driving each other away and then getting back together again.

Beryl has big dreams of a white wedding to her "Geoffrey Bobbles Bon Bon" which prevents his dreams of any "Percy Filth" before marriage to get very far. Beryl's constant alternating between persuading him into marriage any way she can and fighting him off leaves Geoffrey very confused, and the only person who seems to understand any of what is going on is Beryl's ever-present mother. Despite obviously adoring each other, Geofrey always returns alone to the lifesixe Bardot cutout in his bedroom, and Beryl to the framed photograph of Paul McCartney on her bedside table.