The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 1

Lucy Goes to Mexico

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1958 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Lucy crushes Maurice Chevalier's hat--she crushed the same type of hat (Uncle Alberto's) in the I Love Lucy episode, "The Ricardo's Visit Cuba."

    • This was not the first time that Desi Arnaz performed "Louise," he performed it in I Love Lucy as well. Additionally, William Frawley, Vivian Vance, Lucille Ball, and Keith Thibodeaux sang a few lines from the chorus in I Love Lucy.

    • Maurice Chevalier performed "Valentina" (with Desi and Keith), "Something's Gotta Give," and "Louise."

    • This episode began with outside shots of Mexico and Desi Arnaz briefly narrating where the show was located.

    • This is the first episode sponsored by Westinghouse. Ford Motor Company only sponsored the first 5 episodes. A Westinghouse special was filmed with the cast, where Lucy Arnaz, (the only time she is ever called by Arnaz on television) acts like the Lucy Ricardo character, wanting to buy Westinghouse products for her dressing room, while Desi tells her not to spend a lot of money. Vivian Vance and William Frawley portray themselves, though they act like the Mertzes. As usual, Lucy overspends her budget behind Desi's back, only to later get caught.

      Additionally, beginning this season, Desilu and Westinghouse would sponsor the Westinghouse Desilu playhouse, which aired during the many weeks that the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour was not on, in the same time slot.

  • Quotes

    • (Lucy tries convincing Ricky to let her buy a sweater)
      Lucy: Aw, c'mon, honey. (waves perfumed handkerchief in front of Ricky) Whatd'ya say?
      Ricky: I say 'phew' and 'no.'

    • (Fred tells Ricky that he's forgotten to buy the maracas)
      Ricky: Oh, brother. I sent you down here to do two things: To keep the girls out of trouble and to buy some maracas. Little Ricky could've done a better job.
      Fred: Look. I didn't want to go in the first place. It cost me twenty bucks and I blew a free lunch, so I'm in no mood for any of your Latin lip.

    • Lucy: I found the most beautiful cashmere sweaters.
      Ricky: Nothin' doin'.
      Lucy: Just like the ones at the hotel.
      Ricky: Then buy 'em at the hotel.
      Fred: That's tellin' 'em, Rick. I'm on your side.
      Ethel: They cost $6 in Tijuana and $22.50 at the hotel.
      Fred: Sorry, Rick. I just deserted to the enemy.

    • (Lucy tries to convince Ricky to let her buy a cashmere sweater)
      Lucy: Ricky? Ricky, it's a shame--a crying shame.
      Ricky: What's a shame?
      Lucy: That you're so close to beautiful, picturesque, romantic Mexico and you're not gonna get a chance to see it.
      Ricky: You're thinkin' of beautiful, picturesque, romantic shopping. You can't pull the wool over my eyes.
      Lucy: It isn't wool--it's cashmere.

    • Lucy: But Ricky, prices in Mexico are half what they are here, so the more I spend, the more you save.
      Ricky: With that kind of logic, you're gonna save me right into the poor house.
      Lucy: You sound like you've been taking cheapskate lessons from Fred Mertz.

    • Lucy: Why can't I go shoppping? Give me one good reason.
      Ricky: I've given you fifty reasons.
      Lucy: I know that, but you haven't given me one good one!

    • Maurice(noticing the Ricardos looking at his earmuffs): Oh these. I always wear these for rehearsal, you see. It's to avoid confusion because I was singing in English and my pianist always plays in French.

    • (After seeing Maurice Chevalier in her trunk, Lucy begins drumming on it to stall)
      Lucy: (to the Inspector) You've heard of the Mexican hat dance, this is a variation, the Mexican trunk dance.
      Lucy: (nervously asking the Inspector) Can you turn off the motor, I'm low on gas.
      Ethel: I'll do it.
      Lucy: (yelling) Let him do it!

    • (Yelling on the phone to Lucy)
      Ricky: Lucy I told you not to....
      (yelling louder) I am not yelling!

    • (Ethel singing)
      Lucy: Look at that! That donkey is never going to move.
      Fred: No wonder with Ethel braying like that, he thinks he found his mate.
      (Lucy laughs)

  • Notes

    • This is the only episode where another writer outside of the I Love Lucy writers is credited.

    • When filming this episode, the mechanical bull malfunctioned and jumped off the tracks, while Lucy was on it. She credits director Jerry Thorpe with "saving her life," (she previously credited him with the same thing after a mishap in "Lucy Goes To Sun Valley").

    • Charles Lane also played the passport officer in I Love Lucy's season 5 episode "Staten Island Ferry."

    • As this was the first episode sponsored by Westinghouse, the opening stick figure credits were edited to include "Westinghouse presents..."

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