The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 1 Episode 3

Lucy Hunts Uranium

Aired Unknown Jan 03, 1958 on CBS

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  • Once again Lucy and her crazy antics outdo one another...

    This was perhaps one of the more memorable episodes of the L-D comedy hour. It was certainly one of my favorites as a kid. It was a non-stop riot. I haven't watched it in ages, and thus the details are sketchy, but of course there are scenes that were so poignantly funny that they've stuck with me through the ages: The coyote scare, the camp paranoia, the hilarious car rides through the desert and the various tactics from each group to derail the other...gosh, I'm cracking up just thinking about it. This episode was just an all around gem. Excellent comedic writing and above par acting, as usual.
  • This is my favorite of the hour-long programs, partly because of Fred MacMurray. Similar to the later hit film "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World".

    Special guest star Fred MacMurray, one of my all-time favorite actors, shows up on the train that the Ricardos and Mertzes are taking to Las Vegas, and upon meeting him Lucy has her usual mishaps, as whenever she meets a celebrity. Forbidden by Ricky from hunting uranium, she plants a fake headline to fool him into thinking there has been a uranium strike, but she abandons the plan and casts the fake paper into the trash. The cleaning lady, however, doesn't know it's fake, and spreads the word of a uranium strike. Everyone in the area is caught up in the excitement and goes uranium hunting, including Lucy, not knowing it was her phony headline that caused the uproar. The Ricardos, Mertzes, and MacMurray (afraid of his wife June Haver's wrath for losing a mere 100 dollars gambling) take the hunt together, and find a uranium sample, but scheme against each other to be the first to return to Vegas and collect the 10,000 dollar claim for finding it. Upon returning to Vegas they realize their scheming against one another was based on fear, mistrust and misunderstanding, and make up. This scene provides a nice moral lesson. They also learn that the uranium sample they found was the one Lucy got when she purchased her Geiger counter, and that the uranium fever was caused by Lucy's fake headline, making for a hilarious ending. The late cameo by actress June Haver, MacMurray's real-life wife, as herself is a plus, as is the southern Nevada desert scenery, in spite of it being filmed in B&W. As has been noted in the episode guide, MacMurray would go on to star in the long-running sitcom "My Three Sons", which co-starred William Frawley as his father-in-law and housekeeper (before Uncle Charley) during its little-seen first five seasons.
  • Lucy and the gang join Fred MacMurray and while hunting for uranium in the desert. But a misunderstanding leads to a race to the claims office, an action packed car chase, and a very enjoyable episode.

    Well, though it's not my favorite, it still has its moments. Fred MacMurray is pretty good. Lucy and Ricky are good. And the Mertzes are as hilarious as usual. Somehow the storyline seems kind of stretched. Like there was alot of extra material just to fill the time. But the episode is still enjoyable. This also marks the first appearence of Lucy's new hairdo! I'll admit, it makes her look older but she seems to wear it well. Like I said, though it's not one of the best episodes, it is one that (like most of Lucy's shows,) won't be forgotten.
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