The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 1 Episode 3

Lucy Hunts Uranium

Aired Unknown Jan 03, 1958 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The big stick Lucy is carrying is made of rubber. When Ethel startles her, she hits Ricky with it and, if you watch really closely, you can see the stick bending!

    • It is out of character for Fred MacMurray to lose money to gambling, because in real life, he was really tight with his money.

  • Quotes

    • Ricky: Oh, well whatd'ya know? Nobody's a claim yumper.
      Lucy: Yeah, there's not a yumper in the crowd.

    • (Lucy shows the Mertzes a Geiger counter)
      Ethel: What is that?
      Lucy: It's a Geiger counter to hunt uranium with while we're up in Las Vegas.
      Ethel: A Geiger counter?
      Lucy: Yeah.
      Ethel: Now, Lucy, I thought when you asked Ricky if you could go uranium hunting he put his foot down.
      Lucy: Oh, he put down so many feet I feel like I'm married to a Cuban centipede!

    • Lucy: How can you be so meek in real life and be so brave in pictures?
      Fred: Heavy makeup.

    • (Ricky has just forbid Lucy to go uranium hunting)
      Ethel: (with Fred, enters the Ricardos' hotel room) Are you ready? (seeing Ricky) Oh, uh... Hi, friend! What's up?
      Lucy: The jig.

    • Ricky: I don't want you out there in the middle of the desert by yourself. You might get lost.
      Lucy: How could I get lost? Fred'll be with us.
      Ricky: Oh great. (chuckles) With his sense of direction, he couldn't find his way out of a telephone booth.

    • Ricky: So the minute that my back was turned, you were going to go uranium hunting. And I thought I told you distinctly you couldn't.
      Lucy: Well, nothing personal, dear, but you've never told me anything distintcly in your whole life.

    • Ricky: Is that a geiger counter?
      Lucy: Have you ever seen a geiger counter?
      Ricky: No.
      Lucy: Well, this is an electronic popsicle.

  • Notes

    • While shooting in the Mojave desert, the crew had difficulty making one of the cars come to a skidding stop to make the scene. After wasted time and money, Desi got into the car and performed the stunt perfectly. After receiving applause for an outstanding performance, it was discovered that the camera had no film. Desi went ballistic while the rest of the crew got hysterical.

    • Louis A. Nicoletti guest starred in several episodes of I Love Lucy, he also had a recurring role on the series as "Boom Man."
      Additionally, Nicoletti was a waiter in "Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana;" and Charles Lane appeared on both I Love Lucy, and other episodes of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.

    • Bob Ellison appeared in several episodes of the I Love Lucy series. He played a milkman and a bellhop.

    • After his run as Fred Mertz ends, William Frawley will play Fred MacMurray's father-in-law on My Three Sons.

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