The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 2

Lucy Makes Room for Danny

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1958 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky has been invited back to Hollywood to shoot another picture, which will take two months.
As he, Lucy, and Little Ricky prepare to make the trip, Lucy overpacks her bags, insisting that she needs just about every piece of clothing out in California. She reopens a suitcase that took Ricky nearly an hour to get closed just to pack another coat, and now Ricky has to close it again. He tries sitting on the lid, but the suitcase won't close. Ethel then comes in and Ricky suggests that the three of them try sitting on the lid. Ethel sits first and manages to close it before Lucy and Ricky ever get near it.
Ethel later breaks down, at the thought of being away from the Ricardos for two months. Lucy manages to lift her spirits when Ricky and Little Ricky come down the stairs. Ricky tells Little Ricky to say "goodbye" to Aunt Ethel. He does so, and Ethel starts bawling again, and runs out of the house.
The Ricardos rent their house to Danny, Kathy, Rusty, and Linda Williams, as the Williams' have rented their apartment in New York to another couple. Danny hands Ricky the signed lease, and Lucy later shows everyone the house. As they head up the stairs, the telephone rings and Ricky stops to answer it. It is his agent, informing him that the picture was canceled. He calls Lucy down the stairs and breaks the news to her. Realizing that they are actually homeless, Lucy calls the Williams back down and tells them the news, hoping that they'll insist on breaking the lease. The thought never enters their minds, and after other suggestions fail, Ricky makes the decision that he, Lucy and Little Ricky will move in with Fred and Ethel, much to Fred's dismay.
After a few days being away from her paradise, Lucy constantly starts going to the house and getting things that she doesn't need, just to make sure the Williams are keeping her showplace in order. Unhappy with them doing things differently, Ricky forbids Lucy to go backover there, but allows her one more time to get what she wants. Meanwhile, Lucy's disruptiveness causes Danny to lose sleep in the mornings and he becomes very grouchy and irate toward Lucy.
Lucy comes up with an idea to evict the Williams by sneaking over to steal the awaiting rent check while Kathy is in town and Danny is still asleep. While in the bedroom, Lucy notices on of her plants dying from lack of water. Unable to turn away, Lucy grabs a glass of water and waters the plants. Not paying attention, she overwaters and spills it all over the table. She runs and grabs a towel, but carelessly knocks over Kathy's perfume bottles, causing Danny to wake up. Still half asleep, Danny starts talking to Lucy, thinking she's Kathy, while Lucy remains hidden and tries to act as if she is Kathy. He asks for a cup of coffee, and she puts on Kathy's housecoat and head scarf. She walks to the door with her back toward Danny, when he smacks her on the behind. Insisting that the coffee can wait, he pulls Lucy to the bed and kisses her neck, then asks her to scratch his back. Lucy twists her arms behind her to scratch his back. As she accidentally reaches a ticklish area that causes Danny to giggle, Kathy walks in the bedroom, having missed her train to town. Seeing that Kathy is at the door, he pulls Lucy around to see that it's her, and she runs out of the room. Running down the stairs, she sees Ricky standing at foot, and quickly runs past him, hoping he won't recognize her. He actually does and stops her. After grilling her about why she's over there, Kathy comes down with Danny and grilles Lucy as well.
Lucy then confesses what she was doing and why she was doing it. Knowing how it feels, Kathy forgives her, along with Danny, but Ricky still has a few words to say. He makes her promise one final time that she won't set foot in the house again.
She still has trouble swallowing that promise so Danny suggests that the Ricardos move back, they'll move in the guest house, and the Mertzes can move in with the Ricardos, rent-free, knowing that Fred will jump at that. Fred returns that afternoon from New York when everyone is making the switchover. Unhappy with half of the decision, Fred insists that he rents the guest house out since he holds the lease. To keep him happy, Ricky lets him do so, but Fred turns around and charges twices as much than what he already pays.
Refusing to pay the double amount, Danny calls off the deal and starts moving back into the big house. Angry at Fred, Lucy starts a snowball fight with him. Fred retaliates and throws one at Lucy, but hits Danny. Eventually all the adults get involved in the fight, which eventually lands them in court, while Lucy comes down with laryngitis after Kathy rubs snow in her face.
In court, the judge asks Lucy to tell her side of the story. Unable to speak, Lucy charades out her story. The judge actually understands her gestures, but still doesn't understand how she got laryngitis. Lucy then opens the window, grabs a handful of snow, and and rubs it in his face, demonstrating what Kathy did. Disgusted at Lucy, the judge orders her to sit down, and proceeds to dismiss the case when the children make an objection. Insisting that they know a solution, the judge hears them out. Rusty suggest that they go back with Danny's plan: the Ricardos move in the big house and the Williams move in the guest house. However, Linda suggests that Fred takes Ethel to Florida for the two months.
Please with the suggestions, the judge rules in favor of the children and closes the case. The adults then apologize to each other, realizing their children are the greatest thing. The episode closes with Danny telling Ricky that he has the perfect wife: she can't talk, and she's a great back scratcher.
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