The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 2

Lucy Makes Room for Danny

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1958 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Flub: At the episode's conclusion, when the cast is in court, Little Ricky is shown sitting behind Ricky and Danny; but in the next scene, he is sitting behind Fred and Ethel. Why would he have changed seats?

    • Once in the bedroom and once in the courtroom, Danny Thomas turns away from the camera, as Lucy's reactions nearly cause him to crack-up on camera.

    • Ricky recites all of his pets to Fred; but what happened to his dog, also named Fred?

    • Notice that the fireplace in the Ricardos' bedroom has mysteriously disappeared since I Love Lucy episode 170 Lucy Misses the Mertzes.

  • Quotes

    • Rusty: Your Honor, we think we have a solution to this problem.
      Judge: You have a solution?
      Rusty: Yes.
      Judge: Well, that's highly unusual, but, uh, proceed.
      Rusty: Well, as you know, in cases of this nature, it's always the children who suffer.
      Judge: The court agrees. How do you propose to solve the problem of who lives where?
      Little Ricky: Rusty's daddy has the lease, so they should stay at our house.
      Rusty: That's very generous of you, but I'm afraid it won't work. You stay in your house and we'll stay in the guest house. You know how your mother is.
      Little Ricky: Yeah, I know. (hangs head)
      Judge: Well, that's very fine, but, uh, what about the Mertzes?
      Linda: I know!
      Judge: Oh well, come up here, little lady. Approach the bench. I'd like to hear what you have to say. Come right up here. (places Linda on his lap) There we are. There.
      Linda: We feel Mr. Mertz should take his wife to Miami for two months. In the first place, it will unfreeze his ears. In the second place, it will remove the curse of being a tightwad.
      Judge: Splendid idea. It is so ordered.
      Ethel: (stands) Hooray!
      Fred: (stands) What'd he say?
      Ethel: I'll tell you when we get to Florida.
      Fred: Who says I'm takin' you to Florida?
      Ethel: (points to the judge) His Honor says.
      Fred: (sits) Oh, yes sir.

    • Judge: Before we continue, I'm throwing the Mertz defamation of character suit out of court. (to Fred) Oh, you are a miserable tightwad!
      Fred: What'd he say?
      Ethel: Nothing you haven't heard before!

    • Danny: Your Honor, when I was a poor boy in Toledo, Ohio--a poor boy playing in the streets in tattered rags, the son of poor, but honest immigrant parents, I learned many things. The most important of these is that an American is guaranteed, by the Constiution, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I bent over backwards to try to help these people by offering to move from the big house to the little house back to the big house (clarifies for the judge) The guest house, Your Honor. (continues testimony) What was my reward for my humanitarian effort? Insults! (points to Fred) Insults from this man. Name-calling. To wit: banana nose. And not only that, but a demand by this man to pay twice the rent he has been paying. I ask, Your Honor, is this life? Is this liberty? Is this happiness?! (dramatically raises arms) Is this America?! I rest my case.

    • (Ethel sits on a table with her legs crossed, with her hemline slightly raised as she testifies in court)
      Fred: I object, your honor! (pulls her hemline back down) What are you tryin' to do, Ethel, get us sent to Alcatraz?

    • (The Williams agree to move into the Mertzes guest house and allow the Ricardos and the Mertzes to move into the main house)
      Danny: Now wait, wait. Look. I realize now how important it is for you to live in your own home, so why don't we swap houses? We'll live in the guest house and the Mertzes can move in the big house with you. (to Kathy) How 'bout that, honey?
      Kathy: Oh, I think that's a wonderful idea.
      Lucy: Oh, thank you, thank you!
      Danny: Not at all.
      Ricky: That's very kind and very generous of you. 'course, we could adjust the rent. You see, you would only have to pay seventy-five dollars a month instead of the two hundred that you pay now.
      Danny: Sounds fine. When do we move?
      Lucy: Yeah, well how 'bout right now?
      Kathy: Why not?
      Danny: All right.
      Ricky: Now wait a minute. I think we'd better check with the Mertzes, honey.
      Lucy: Oh, Ethel will be delighted to move in here with us.
      Ricky: I know that, but Fred's still in New York and I would like to get Fred's OK.
      Lucy: How much rent are you charging the Mertzes to move in with us?
      Ricky: Nothing.
      Lucy: You just got Fred's OK.

    • Rusty: How are ya, Rick?
      Little Ricky: I'm all right, but my goldfish is sick.
      Rusty: You got a goldfish?
      Little Ricky: A goldfish, three lizards, a turtle, and a frog. You wanna see my lizards?
      Rusty: Sure, let's go.
      Linda: Can I see the gizzards, too?

    • (When the Judge asks which kid belongs to whom)
      Ricky: (pointing to Little Ricky) Uh, sir, uh, that one is mine.
      Danny: (pointing to Rusty and Linda, then pointing back to him and Kathy) Those two are ours.
      Ethel: We raise chickens.

  • Notes

    • During the filming of this show Marjorie Lord (Kathy) was suffering from severe dental problems.

    • Real snow was trucked in for use in the snow fight scene.

    • Producer Bert Granet won the Producer's Guild Award for this episode.

    • Gale Gordon will later co-star with Lucille Ball in the rest of her sitcoms: The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy, and Life with Lucy.

    • This episode aired as part of the Westinghouse Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show, and originally opened and closed with Lucy and Desi stick figure graphics.

    • The scene from this 1958 episode featuring Ethel quickly closing the Ricardo's stubborn suitcase, was edited for syndication--it became noticeably shorter.

    • In the original closing, a wraparound scene was included. In which, Desi Arnaz came out to tell the audience about next week's show, but is quickly interrupted by Lucy, who tells him they need to get their pictures taken for Westinghouse's new advertising campaign.

    • This episode was, of course, a cross-over from Make Room for Daddy starring Danny Thomas. Make Room for Daddy was filmed on the Desilu lot as well as its spinoff The Andy Griffith Show. Anyway, this was a good way to get great ratings. At that time, Make Room For Daddy was in its 5th season and going strong and of course with Lucy going strong, more viewers upon watching Danny Thomas guest star in The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour would go over and start watching his program also.

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