The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 3 Episode 3

Lucy Meets the Moustache

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1960 on CBS

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  • Sweet Ending to a Show with a Bittersweet Backstory

    This is final episode of the 'I Love Lucy' series. It was not meant to provide closure, but at least the show ends with the sweet image of Lucy and Ricky embracing. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's marriage was ending as well--which provides a bittersweet backdrop for the episode (although if you had no idea of the backstory, you would not really suspect anything was wrong from the episode itself--all the actors were truly professional).

    Despite sad real-life situation of Lucy and Desi, this final episode ends on a better note than the final episode of Season 6 ('The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue').