The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 3 Episode 3

Lucy Meets the Moustache

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1960 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • After wrapping up the final scene, Lucy and Desi are in tears, realizing that with the end of the show, their twenty-year marriage would also be ending.

    • In this episode, it is stated that Ethel and Fred had been married for 25 years; their marriage duration was a discrepancy throughout the Lucy series.

    • Ethel's piano playing abilities seemed to vary greatly throughout the entire run of the Lucy series. In the first season of I Love Lucy, Ethel plays the piano rather well in "Breaking the Lease" and in "The Ballet." In the sixth season, however, Ethel confesses that her skills as a pianist are not very good in "Ragtime Band." In this episode, she plays like an accomplished jazz musician, but it's obvious that someone else is actually playing the music.

  • Quotes

    • Lucy(disguising her voice to sound like Crandall's): Would you like to hear some music, sir?
      Ernie: No. No radio, Crandall. I don't want to hear any music.
      Lucy: How 'bout the seven o'clock news?
      Ernie: It's only six o'clock.
      Lucy: Well, maybe it's on early.

    • (Ernie and Ricky discover that Crandall is actually Lucy in disguise.)
      Ricky: I've got to teach that woman a lesson.
      Ernie: She was only trying--trying to help you.
      Ricky: Yeah, yeah. Trying to help me. Yeah. She was only trying to help me when she almost made you you cut your throat. She was only trying to help me when she gave you a cigar that exploded in your face. If she doesn't stop trying to help me, you're gonna wind up in the hospital.
      Ernie: Maybe you ought to teach her a lesson.
      Ricky: You want to join the faculty? We'll just have a little fun with her.
      Ernie: OK, professor.

    • Ernie: I don't mean to be a villain, Ricky--uh--Lucy's a lovely woman.
      Ricky: And a wonderful, wonderful wife.
      Ernie: But sometimes she acts a little uh--
      Ricky: Yeah. Uh, poquito loco en la cabeza. That's Spanish for "a little crazy in the head."
      Ernie: I wouldn't say that.
      Ricky: Why? Don't you agree with me?
      Ernie: Yeah, but I can't speak Spanish.

    • (Lucy confides in Edie that Ricky may move the family to Cuba if things don't go well for him in show business)
      Lucy: If it takes me as long to learn Spanish as it took Ricky to learn English, I won't have anybody to talk to the rest of my life.

    • (Fred comes in with a bottle of champagne to celebrate what everyone mistakenly thinks is Ricky's chance to be on a Ernie Kovacs' TV show)
      Ethel: Fred, where'd you get that?
      Fred: Well, somebody gave it us for our wedding and I've been saving it for a happy occasion.
      Ethel: But that was 25 years ago.
      Fred: I knew if we waited long enough we'd find something to be happy about!

    • Lucy: Gee, if there was just some way I could Ricky to audition without his knowing it.
      Ethel: What did you have in mind--hypnosis or novocaine?

    • Ethel: (to Fred) Vaudeville didn't die. You beat it to death!

    • Lucy: Honey, honey, I just wanted to help.
      Ricky: From now on, you can help me by not trying to help me. But thanks, anyway.

  • Notes

    • Lucille Ball filed for divorce from Desi the day after this episode was filmed, calling life with him "a nightmare."

    • There was no mention by the cast, before or after the show, that this would be the last Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. The show went on like any other episode.

    • This is the final episode of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. The actors signed on to do 16 episodes; however, due to the animosity on the set, the cast only completed 13 episodes.

    • If you notice in one of the scenes where Ernie does his drawing tricks, Lucille allows her unhappiness toward Desi to show on camera.

    • It seems ironic that, this being the last television broadcast with the I Love Lucy characters, the song played on the show was "That's All."

  • Allusions

    • Near the end of the episode Ernie Kovacs tells Ricky to "take a good look" at Lucy in disguise. Take a Good Look was the name of a game show Kovacs was hosting at the time between 1959 and 1961. It involved a panel guessing answers based on short skits presented to them.

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