The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 3 Episode 3

Lucy Meets the Moustache

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1960 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Ernie and Ricky discover that Crandall is actually Lucy in disguise.)
      Ricky: I've got to teach that woman a lesson.
      Ernie: She was only trying--trying to help you.
      Ricky: Yeah, yeah. Trying to help me. Yeah. She was only trying to help me when she almost made you you cut your throat. She was only trying to help me when she gave you a cigar that exploded in your face. If she doesn't stop trying to help me, you're gonna wind up in the hospital.
      Ernie: Maybe you ought to teach her a lesson.
      Ricky: You want to join the faculty? We'll just have a little fun with her.
      Ernie: OK, professor.