The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 4

Lucy Wants a Career

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy and Ricky have a long dialogue about the perils of being "just a housewife." After their talk, Lucy concludes that she wants a career.

She searches the ads of her local paper with Ethel and finds out that Paul Douglas is looking for a Girl Friday--an assistant on his morning program. Lucy jumps at the chance to be on television and immediately heads to the audition.

Upon arrival, she sees many beautiful and young starlets and realizes that her chances are slim. She cooks up a plan to scare away the girls, warning them that Paul Douglas is a womanizing "wolf." She successfully scares them off, but Paul Douglas overhears her ploy and quickly tells her to leave.

Yet, when Douglas' sponsor enters the office and sees Lucy crying, he feels bad. Then, when she complains about being "just a housewife" the sponsor decides that the audience would love to see "just a housewife" on the show. Much to Paul Douglas' disgust, the sponsor hires Lucy. Lucy's first day is difficult, as she has trouble with cameras in front of her. Meanwhile, Ethel has been hired as the Ricardo's maid. Lucy is initially fired after her first day, that is until ratings for the show skyrocket; the audience thinks that Lucy's antics are scripted and hilarious. The show decides to sign her into a 3 year contract. Originally happy, the tough hours and lack of family time start to affect Lucy. When Little Ricky calls Ethel "mommy," Lucy begins to think she should quit her job to stay home with her family. Additionally, as Lucy is coming home, Ricky is headed to work. The two have only moments together at the train station before they part. Finally, Lucy decides to quit and is thrilled to be able to sleep in! Worried that she may wake up early anyway, Lucy takes sleeping pills to ensure a long sleep. But when Paul Douglas hears of Lucy's quitting, he must rush to the Ricardo's home and inform them that if she doesn't come to work, legal action will ensue, as she signed a contract. Yet Lucy is so drugged from the sleeping pills, she is unable to properly do her job. Her drug-induced performance leads to her firing and finally Lucy can go back to being what she loves most--a housewife.