The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 4

Lucy Wants a Career

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 1959 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The grandfather clock by the front door always seemed to have the same time throughout previous Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour episodes. If you notice, when Paul Douglas comes out to the Ricardos at 4:00 in the morning, the clock indicates the correct time.

    • Lucy calculates the number of meals she's prepared in the eighteen years she and Ricky have been married. In the I Love Lucy episode "Pioneer Women", Lucy figures out how many dishes she's washed in the years she's been married to Ricky.

    • In this episode, Lucy says that she was born at 3:00 am and wasn't expected until 6:00 am.

    • In this episode, the audience learns that Little Ricky is in Cubs Scouts. It will be mentioned again in "Lucy's Summer Vacation."

    • The show Lucy appeared on in this episode was titled "Paul Douglas' 'Early Bird' Show."

    • In most of this episode, Lucille does not wear a wig, mainly because of the needs from the audition scene.

    • The train scenes in this episode are based on Lucille and Desi's early marriage when they had busy schedules and rarely ever got to spend time with each other except for a few moments here and there.

  • Quotes

    • (Ricky and Lucy are in the train station crossing paths again)
      Ricky: I'll see you tomorrow.
      Lucy: OK.
      Ricky: Same time, same station. (chuckles)

    • Ethel(comforting Lucy): It's terrible when a husband and wife only get to be together five minutes a day. (Fred begins to say something sarcastic) Fred Mertz, if you open your mouth, I'll slug you!

    • Lucy: But Mr. Douglas, I have show business experience. I'm Ricky Ricardo's wife.
      Paul: I wouldn't care if you were Xavier Cugat's wife.

    • (Lucy points toward Paul Douglas' office and howls, suggesting that Paul has wolfish ways)
      Sue: Oh. One of those.
      Lucy: (nods) Mmmm.
      Lorraine: Well, maybe so, but I'd still like to be his Girl Friday.
      Lucy: Being his Girl Friday isn't so bad. It's what you have to go through Saturday and Sunday.
      Sue: Well, what do you mean?
      Lucy: I hope you like wrestling, dear.
      Sue: Wrestling?! That's enough for me. (she leaves)
      Lorraine: Well, if he's so horrible, what are you doing here?
      Lucy: I'm a judo expert.
      Lorraine: Oh. Well, good luck, honey.
      Lucy: Thanks a lot.
      (Lorraine leaves)
      (Lucy looks at Larri, plotting how to get rid of her, goes to her and begins to tell lies about Paul Douglas)
      Larri: I like wolves!

    • Ricky: You don't know how good you got it.
      Lucy: Oh sure. I got it great.
      Ricky: Besides, if you get a job, who's gonna "cook the meals, do the dishes, make the bed, dust the house"?
      Lucy: I'd hire a housekeeper.
      Ricky: A good housekeeper costs forty or fifty bucks a week.
      Fred: I know where you can get one for twenty-five.
      Lucy: Where?
      (Fred points to Ethel)
      Ethel: Oh now, wait a minute. Why shouldn't I get fifty?
      Fred: That's for a good housekeeper.

    • (Lucy leaves with Ethel, complaining about her "same ol', same ol'" routine)
      Fred: What's eatin' her?
      Ricky: Oh you know. It's that popular record, "The Housewife's Lament" by Lucy Ricardo. I know all the lyrics. The last line goes just like this: "For two cents, I'd go out and get myself a job."
      Lucy(comes back in the living room with Ethel): Honestly! For two cents, I'd go out and get myself a job.

    • Lucy: Fred, what would you like for dinner?
      Fred: Somebody else's cookin'.

    • Lucy: Hey, here's something. (reading ad)"Broadway producer is looking for experienced dancers up to the age of twenty-five."
      Ethel: So?
      Lucy: I've had years of experience.
      Ethel: They mean dancing, not years of experience being twenty-five.

    • Ethel: Goodnight, honey.
      Little Ricky: Goodnight, mommy.
      Lucy: Mommy?
      Little Ricky: I mean, Aunt Ethel.

    • Ethel: (tired) (to Ricky, as she is his "maid") I've been here since 5 o'clock this morning. I'm willing to work a forty hour week but I don't want to do it in one day.

    • (Scaring off other possible Girl Friday applicants).
      Lucy: Doesn't he have a sweet expression?
      Joi: I'll say.
      Lucy: Don't let those cow eyes fool you.
      Joi: What do you mean?
      Lucy: The eyes may be cow, the rest of him is all wolf.
      Joi: Really? How do you know?
      Lucy: His secretary told me.
      Joi: I don't believe it.
      Lucy: Listen, I'm warning you, once you get inside that office you're in real trouble.
      Joi: Why?
      Lucy: Did you notice that letter opener the secretary was carrying when she went inside? That isn't just for opening letters--self defense!
      Joi: Oh my gosh! (gathers things to leave) Thanks a lot, honey.
      Lucy: That's all right.
      (Joi leaves)

    • Lucy: I didn't have any trouble getting a job as a housewife.
      Ricky: That's 'cause the boss was in love with you.

    • Lucy: Have you any idea how many meals I've cooked in the 18 years we've been married?
      Ricky: No, how many?
      Lucy: Well now let's see, (Lucy takes out a clipboard and starts adding), 365 days a year, 3 meals a day, (thinks aloud), that's 15, 18, 19...1,095 times 18 years. 19,710 meals!
      Ricky: What about last Saturday night when we have dinner at the Ramsey's?
      Lucy: Alright 19,709 meals.

    • Lucy: Hey Ethel, this is it! Paul Douglas is starting a new early morning television program and he's looking for a "Girl Friday."
      Ethel: How do you fit in there?
      Lucy: All "Girl Friday" has to do is walk across the stage, pass things to the stars, sit and smile into the camera. And the four things I do best are walk, pass, sit, and smile.

  • Notes

    • Joi Lansing would later be Lucille Ball's stand-in on Life With Lucy.

    • The models/actresses in this episode who tried out for Paul Douglas' show were all indeed, actual actresses.

    • When this episode was repeated in syndication, the stick figures were replaced with new graphics.

    • In the original closing, Desi Arnaz appears before the audience to thank Paul Douglas and "those wonderful Mertzes" for being in the show.

    • This is that last episode fully filmed with a studio audience. The later Milton Berle episode will have a few audience scenes, then the audience will be done away with.

  • Allusions

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