The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 4

Lucy Wants a Career

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 1959 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Lucy points toward Paul Douglas' office and howls, suggesting that Paul has wolfish ways)
      Sue: Oh. One of those.
      Lucy: (nods) Mmmm.
      Lorraine: Well, maybe so, but I'd still like to be his Girl Friday.
      Lucy: Being his Girl Friday isn't so bad. It's what you have to go through Saturday and Sunday.
      Sue: Well, what do you mean?
      Lucy: I hope you like wrestling, dear.
      Sue: Wrestling?! That's enough for me. (she leaves)
      Lorraine: Well, if he's so horrible, what are you doing here?
      Lucy: I'm a judo expert.
      Lorraine: Oh. Well, good luck, honey.
      Lucy: Thanks a lot.
      (Lorraine leaves)
      (Lucy looks at Larri, plotting how to get rid of her, goes to her and begins to tell lies about Paul Douglas)
      Larri: I like wolves!

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