The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 1 Episode 4

Lucy Wins a Racehorse

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 1958 on CBS
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Lucy Wins a Racehorse
Lucy pesters Ricky about getting a horse for Little Ricky but he refuses because a horse is too expensive. She ends up winning a horse after entering a contest and there's a lot of horsing around as she now has to figure out a way for Little Ricky to keep the horse without sending the family to the poor house. Harry James and Betty Grable guest star.moreless

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  • With the help of Betty Grable, Lucy enters her horse in a race.

    This episode belongs to Lucy. The Mertz's of course are good. Betty is an okay guest star. Ricky and Harry don't do much. But this episode belongs to Lucy. This is her episode to shine. The plot might seem a little crazy, but what Lucy episode isn't crazy? My favorite part, however was when Betty got Fred to give her 200 dollars. Lucy's surprised expression is priceless. I wouldn't call this episode a classic, but it's still enjoyable. Most of the episodes in this series have their good moments and their bad moments. But this is a very enjoyable episode.moreless

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    • Lucy: Ethel, will you get behind him and push?
      Ethel: Nothin' doin'! I'm not gettin' behind him and get kicked!
      Lucy: He won't kick you. You know how he feels about me. A friend of mine is a friend of his.
      Ethel: Yeah, but from back here, he can't tell a friend from an enemy.

    • (Whirling Jet is neighing in the den)
      Ricky: What was that? That sounded like a horse.
      Lucy: A horse?!
      Ethel: That was me. (neighs like a horse)
      Fred: That's right, Rick. Ethel's been eatin' like a horse for so long, she's commencing to sounding like one.

    • (Lucy must figure out what to do with Whirling Jet since Ricky told her to withdraw from the contest)
      Ethel: Well, what are you gonna do, honey, give up the horse?
      Lucy: And break my son's little heart? I am not!
      Ethel: It's either his little heart or your little neck.

    • (Betty agrees to loan Lucy $100 to enter Whirling Jet in a trotting race)
      Lucy: Betty, you're just what I've been looking for--an Ethel Mertz with money.

    • Fred: I want to get a good gander at those gorgeous Grable gams.
      Ethel: Oh, for heaven's sake, Fred, legs are legs!
      Fred: Betty Grable's legs are legs. Your legs are something else again.
      Ethel: What do you mean? What's the matter with these?
      Fred: Nothing...only you've got 'em on upside down!

    • Betty: We've got it!
      Lucy: Betty I gotta hand it to you. There's just one other person that ever got that much money out of Fred and he used a mask and a gun.

    • (Realizing Whirling Jet is a pretty big horse)
      Ethel: Oh, but Lucy, he's awfully big.
      Lucy: Gee, he is an awfully big horse for such a little boy. Maybe we ought to trade him in for a pony, honey.
      Little Ricky: No, Mommy, no! I like this one.
      Lucy: Oh, but he's so big.
      Little Ricky: (hugging Whirling Jet) Someday, I'll be big, too, and then he'll be just right.

    • (After Ricky introduces Harry and Betty to the Mertzs and to Whirling Jet)
      Ricky: (Pointing up the stairs) My wife, Lucy, up there.
      Lucy: Hello.
      Betty: Hello. My, we've certainly heard a lot about you.
      Harry: And apparently it's all true.

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