The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 5

Lucy's Summer Vacation

Aired Unknown Jun 08, 1959 on CBS
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Lucy's Summer Vacation
Harry Bailey, an agent of Ricky's, told the Ricardos that they can use his summer home for a vacation. But he also promises actors Ida Lupino and Howard Duff the same thing. Both the couples arrive at the cabin not knowing at first that the others are there. After the couples both decide to stay, the wives brew up a plan to spend more time with their husbands, who are more interesting in fishing than bonding.moreless

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    • (After Lucy and Ida are unsuccessful at getting Ricky and Howard to pay more attention to them)
      Ida: Shall we?
      Lucy: Why not? (the girls sit down at the table to play a card game)
      Ida: What'll we play?
      Lucy: (disgusted) What else? "Old Maid"!

    • (Lucy and Ida come out wearing fancy dresses and exotic perfume)
      Ida: Howie, baby.
      Howard: Hmm?
      Ida: I thought this evening, we'd take a moonlight boat ride.
      Howard: Sounds like a good idea.
      Ida: You really think so?
      Howard: Yeah. You two go ahead.

    • (Ida has come up with a scheme to help get Howard and Ricky to spend more time with them)
      Lucy: Ida, you may look like a movie star, but you think like a wife. (shakes hands with Ida)

    • (Ricky and Howard have left their wives to go fishing)
      Ida: And for this I got up at dawn.
      Lucy: I'm sorry if I seemed selfish, I mean, about not wanting you around. It's just that I was hoping to be alone with my husband.
      Ida: I understand, darling. I was to be alone, too.
      Lucy: Well, we're alone, all right!

    • Man at the Lodge: (to Ricky) I sure like the way you sing "Baby Lou."

    • (The Ricardos and the Duffs discover that they are not the only ones in the cabin)
      Ida: Who are you?
      Lucy(surprised): Ida Lupino and Howard Duff.
      Ida: We know who we are, but who are you?

    • Ida: If you're going fishing in the morning, I'm going with you.
      Howard: Are you kidding? You never got up before noon in your life unless you got paid for it.
      Ida: Sweetheart, to be alone on a lake with you, I'd get up at dawn--for free.
      Howard: OK. All right, honey. We'll get up at 5:00.
      Ida: Five?! Why so early?
      Howard: Because that's what time dawn is. You see, Ida honey, the fish bite best at dawn. It's, uh, when they eat their breakfast.
      Ida: Can't we catch the ones that eat brunch?

    • Ida: I thought maybe we'd build a fire and kind of snuggle in front of it.
      Howard: Oh, honey, I didn't come up here to work.
      Ida: Since when is snuggling with me work?

    • Ida: Howard, look.
      Howard: Huh?
      Ida: A swimming pool. And it's bigger than ours.
      Howard: (after looking out the window) Honey.
      Ida: Hmm?
      Howard: That's a lake.
      Ida: It must cost a fortune to keep it heated.

    • Howard: (removing Ida's sunglasses) Do you have to keep these things on forever?
      Ida: (gasping) It's night!

    • Lucy: We're going to a lodge in the mountains next week.
      Ricky: Uh, yeah. Uh, I was invited by a friend of mine.
      Lucy: Harry Bailey.
      Ethel: Oh, that's wonderful. We're going to Atlantic City.
      Lucy: Great!
      Ricky: Swell.
      Fred: Yeah. I was invited by an enemy of mine.
      Ricky: Who?
      Fred: Ethel Mertz.

    • (Lucy and Ricky go and forth over who should tell the Mertzes about their upcoming trip to Lake Wotchasocapoo)
      Ethel: I get the feeling that they're trying to tell us something.
      Fred: That's funny. I get the feelin' they're tryin' not to.

    • Ida Lupino: All Howard needs is a 10 to gin.
      Lucy: Oh and Rick has two of them!

    • (Discussing how to get their husbands to spend time with them)
      Ida Lupino: After all, darling, let's not forget, we still have our womanly wiles.
      Lucy: That's right; it's been so long since I used them, I forgot I had 'em.

    • Ida Lupino: (to Howard) Go away, or I'll report you to the Screen Actors Guild.

    • Ida Lupino: Do you know we haven't spent one minute alone since we left California?
      Howard Duff: Yeah, I know honey; but thanks to good old Harry Bailey we're gonna be alone for a whole week.

    • Lucy: What ever happened to that hot-blooded Latin I married?
      Ricky: Latins can have tired blood too.
      Lucy: Ricky Ricardo, you come here. Just come over here. Look at that beautiful moon. Look at the way it shines on the lake. Doesn't that mean anything to you?
      Ricky: Yup.
      Lucy: What?
      Ricky: It means it's gonna be nice and clear tomorrow for fishing.
      Lucy: Oh honestly! You should have married a fish!

    • Ricky: Why, honey we haven't taken a vacation without the Mertzes in years.
      Lucy: Well I thought that just this once it'd be a lot more fun and romantic if we went away by ourselves.

    • Little Ricky: Where are you and daddy going for your summer vacation?
      Lucy: The same place we went last year.
      Little Ricky: But you didn't go any place last year.
      Lucy: Well, that's where we're going this year.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Carlton Young (the actor heard on Lucy's radio serial) starred in real-life radio dramas, including Our Gal Sunday, Portia Faces Life, and Stella Dallas.

    • Ida Lupino and Howard Duff's characters were based on those of their short-lived television series, Mr. Adams and Eve.

    • In the original closing, Desi Arnaz started to tell the audience about next week's show, only to be promptly interrupted by the Mertzes, who were taking their old refrigerator to a Westinghouse dealer.