The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 5

Lucy's Summer Vacation

Aired Unknown Jun 08, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy is thrilled to go away on a vacation with Ricky to Harry Bailey's summer home.
The lodge is large enough for the Ricardo's and Mertzes to go, but Lucy surprises Ricky when she says she wants to go away without the Mertzes, so she and Ricky can have a romantic trip. To the Ricardo's surprise, the Mertzes understand, since they are heading to Atlantic City--without the Ricardos.

After saying goodbye to the Mertzes, who the Ricardo's haven't taken a vacation without in years, Lucy and Ricky pack up and leave.

The lodge is beautiful, but Ricky does not want to spend quality time with Lucy, who is longing for a romantic vacation with her husband.
Unbeknownst to them, Ida Lupino and Howard Duff were promised the vacation home the same weekend. The celebrities are tired from their press tours and while Howard (like Ricky) just wants to fish, Ida (like Lucy) hopes to spend a romantic vacation with her husband.
For a time, both couples are living in the house and have no idea the other couple is there. After confusing situations, the pairs eventually collide. They then squabble over which couple should leave and ultimately decide that it would be only fair for both couples stay.
Yet the men and women separate, when the men want to fish in the early morning hours and play cards--without their wives.
Lucy and Ida try to grab their husband's attention with perfume and fancy clothes, but they are still ignored. An annoyed Lucy decides to drill holes in the boys' boat, so when they attempt to go fishing, their boat will sink.
But little do the wives know that the men have finally decided to pay attention with their wives. They decide to take their women on a romantic boat trip across the river. Lucy must try to patch up the holes as quick as possible.
As the couples set across the river, all is going well, that is, until the boat slowly starts to sink. Though Lucy tries to distract the sinking by asking Ricky to sing (and by patching up the holes with chewing gum), she cannot ultimately halt the sinking.
The couples end up underwater. The water escapade makes Howard ill, and Ida and Howard are forced to leave the lodge before scheduled.
Finally, Lucy thinks she can have the romantic vacation with Ricky she has been hoping for. That is, until the Mertzes show up to surprise them!
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