The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 5

Lucy's Summer Vacation

Aired Unknown Jun 08, 1959 on CBS



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    • (After Lucy and Ida are unsuccessful at getting Ricky and Howard to pay more attention to them)
      Ida: Shall we?
      Lucy: Why not? (the girls sit down at the table to play a card game)
      Ida: What'll we play?
      Lucy: (disgusted) What else? "Old Maid"!

    • (Lucy and Ida come out wearing fancy dresses and exotic perfume)
      Ida: Howie, baby.
      Howard: Hmm?
      Ida: I thought this evening, we'd take a moonlight boat ride.
      Howard: Sounds like a good idea.
      Ida: You really think so?
      Howard: Yeah. You two go ahead.

    • (Ida has come up with a scheme to help get Howard and Ricky to spend more time with them)
      Lucy: Ida, you may look like a movie star, but you think like a wife. (shakes hands with Ida)

    • (Ricky and Howard have left their wives to go fishing)
      Ida: And for this I got up at dawn.
      Lucy: I'm sorry if I seemed selfish, I mean, about not wanting you around. It's just that I was hoping to be alone with my husband.
      Ida: I understand, darling. I was to be alone, too.
      Lucy: Well, we're alone, all right!

    • Man at the Lodge: (to Ricky) I sure like the way you sing "Baby Lou."

    • (The Ricardos and the Duffs discover that they are not the only ones in the cabin)
      Ida: Who are you?
      Lucy(surprised): Ida Lupino and Howard Duff.
      Ida: We know who we are, but who are you?

    • Ida: If you're going fishing in the morning, I'm going with you.
      Howard: Are you kidding? You never got up before noon in your life unless you got paid for it.
      Ida: Sweetheart, to be alone on a lake with you, I'd get up at dawn--for free.
      Howard: OK. All right, honey. We'll get up at 5:00.
      Ida: Five?! Why so early?
      Howard: Because that's what time dawn is. You see, Ida honey, the fish bite best at dawn. It's, uh, when they eat their breakfast.
      Ida: Can't we catch the ones that eat brunch?

    • Ida: I thought maybe we'd build a fire and kind of snuggle in front of it.
      Howard: Oh, honey, I didn't come up here to work.
      Ida: Since when is snuggling with me work?

    • Ida: Howard, look.
      Howard: Huh?
      Ida: A swimming pool. And it's bigger than ours.
      Howard: (after looking out the window) Honey.
      Ida: Hmm?
      Howard: That's a lake.
      Ida: It must cost a fortune to keep it heated.

    • Howard: (removing Ida's sunglasses) Do you have to keep these things on forever?
      Ida: (gasping) It's night!

    • Lucy: We're going to a lodge in the mountains next week.
      Ricky: Uh, yeah. Uh, I was invited by a friend of mine.
      Lucy: Harry Bailey.
      Ethel: Oh, that's wonderful. We're going to Atlantic City.
      Lucy: Great!
      Ricky: Swell.
      Fred: Yeah. I was invited by an enemy of mine.
      Ricky: Who?
      Fred: Ethel Mertz.

    • (Lucy and Ricky go and forth over who should tell the Mertzes about their upcoming trip to Lake Wotchasocapoo)
      Ethel: I get the feeling that they're trying to tell us something.
      Fred: That's funny. I get the feelin' they're tryin' not to.

    • Ida Lupino: All Howard needs is a 10 to gin.
      Lucy: Oh and Rick has two of them!

    • (Discussing how to get their husbands to spend time with them)
      Ida Lupino: After all, darling, let's not forget, we still have our womanly wiles.
      Lucy: That's right; it's been so long since I used them, I forgot I had 'em.

    • Ida Lupino: (to Howard) Go away, or I'll report you to the Screen Actors Guild.

    • Ida Lupino: Do you know we haven't spent one minute alone since we left California?
      Howard Duff: Yeah, I know honey; but thanks to good old Harry Bailey we're gonna be alone for a whole week.

    • Lucy: What ever happened to that hot-blooded Latin I married?
      Ricky: Latins can have tired blood too.
      Lucy: Ricky Ricardo, you come here. Just come over here. Look at that beautiful moon. Look at the way it shines on the lake. Doesn't that mean anything to you?
      Ricky: Yup.
      Lucy: What?
      Ricky: It means it's gonna be nice and clear tomorrow for fishing.
      Lucy: Oh honestly! You should have married a fish!

    • Ricky: Why, honey we haven't taken a vacation without the Mertzes in years.
      Lucy: Well I thought that just this once it'd be a lot more fun and romantic if we went away by ourselves.

    • Little Ricky: Where are you and daddy going for your summer vacation?
      Lucy: The same place we went last year.
      Little Ricky: But you didn't go any place last year.
      Lucy: Well, that's where we're going this year.

  • Notes

    • Carlton Young (the actor heard on Lucy's radio serial) starred in real-life radio dramas, including Our Gal Sunday, Portia Faces Life, and Stella Dallas.

    • Ida Lupino and Howard Duff's characters were based on those of their short-lived television series, Mr. Adams and Eve.

    • In the original closing, Desi Arnaz started to tell the audience about next week's show, only to be promptly interrupted by the Mertzes, who were taking their old refrigerator to a Westinghouse dealer.

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