The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 2 Episode 5

Lucy's Summer Vacation

Aired Unknown Jun 08, 1959 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Ida: If you're going fishing in the morning, I'm going with you.
      Howard: Are you kidding? You never got up before noon in your life unless you got paid for it.
      Ida: Sweetheart, to be alone on a lake with you, I'd get up at dawn--for free.
      Howard: OK. All right, honey. We'll get up at 5:00.
      Ida: Five?! Why so early?
      Howard: Because that's what time dawn is. You see, Ida honey, the fish bite best at dawn. It's, uh, when they eat their breakfast.
      Ida: Can't we catch the ones that eat brunch?