The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Season 3 Episode 1

Milton Berle Hides Out at the Ricardo's

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

In order to get Milton Berle to perform at a benefit at Little Ricky's school, Lucy uses Ricky's name to spark his attention. When Ricky catches her, he insists that she never use his name again. But Lucy, as usual, disobeys and visits the office of Milton Berle and happens to overhear his agent saying that Mr. Berle needs a secluded place to work on his new book.
Milton's agent and Lucy suggest he write his new book at Lucy's farmhouse. Later, Fred catches a "mysterious man" visiting Lucy when Ricky goes to work, which infuriates him.
Ricky rushes home from work and ends up punching Milton--who is in disguise as a woman--and his assistant. Lucy and Ricky visit Mr. Berle at his office to apologize, but Milton refuses to see Lucy so she places herself in a construction case, and rises up many stories to see Milton.
Banging on his office window to attempt and speak with him, he comes outside to see what she has to say. Yet things go awry when they end up being suspended in the air. Ricky is able to rescue Lucy but Milton Berle is suspended too high to jump down! Before Lucy and Ricky can get Milton Berle saved, Lucy makes him promise to appear at Little Ricky's school benefit.