The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

CBS (ended 1960)


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  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Celebrity Next Door

  • When Lucy leaves Ms. Bankhead's house in a huff, she walks very close to the backdrop that is supposed to be a forest scene. Lucy walks so harshly that the entire background sways back and forth.

  • This is the last time Lucy wears her bun hairstyle.

  • When Tallulah slams her kitchen door, it's very evident that there's no glass in the window - the string on the blind sways back and forth through the window pane.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Lucy Takes a Cruise to Ha...

  • The Mertzes are celebrating their 10th anniversary second honeymoon in this episode. This places their marriage in 1930 which contradicts all other reports in I Love Lucy of the length of their marriage.

  • Lucy says she doesn't very often have hiccups, but in the episode of the I Love Lucy series, "Lucy's Last Birthday," a heartbroken Lucy admits to the Friends of the Friendless that she is prone to hiccups whenever she cries.

  • Goof: In the opening scene, the Ricardos await Hedda Hopper's arrival. Ricky's handkerchief is in his left lapel pocket, but if you look closely as Lucy begins to fix his socks, his handkerchief is on his right!

  • When greeting her, Little Ricky refers to Hedda Hopper as "Miss Hepper."

  • Throughout the run of the Lucy series, there has always been a discrepancy regarding the number of years the Mertzes have been married. In the first season of I Love Lucy, the Mertzes were married for 18 years ("The Girls Want to Go to A Nightclub"). In the second season, it was revealed that they have been married for 25 years (22 according to Ethel in "Vacation From Marriage"). In this episode, it would appear they've been married for 29 years, but in the last episode of the last season of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour ("Lucy Meets the Moustache"), Ethel remarks that the two have been married 25 years.

  • This is Hedda Hopper's second appearance in the "I Love Lucy" series. She guest-starred in I Love Lucy's season four episode, "The Hedda Hopper Story."

  • When this episode originally aired it ran 75 min. Desi Arnaz asked US Steel to cut 15 minutes off their show so this episode could be shown at this odd length. While this episode has been cut to 60 minutes the full length version still exists.

  • This "meeting story" is completely different from others told earlier during I Love Lucy (in which Lucy met Ricky after both were already in New York). Lucy and Ricky's "best friends" Susie and Carlos have likewise never been mentioned before.

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