The Lucy Show

CBS (ended 1968)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Lucy and The Boss of the Year Award
      Mr. Mooney wants to be named president of the San Fransisco branch of the bank. To get the job, he enters his boss, Mr. Cheever, in a Boss of the Year contest and writes a ridiculously fawning letter comparing him to Abe Lincoln. Meanwhile, Lucy does the same thing and enters Mooney.moreless
    • Lucy and Sid Caesar
      Sid Caesar enlists Lucy's help in capturing Frankie the Forger, a look-alike who's passing off bad checks in his name. Lucy becomes confused with too many Caesars running around and repeatedly captures the real Sid.
    • Lucy and the Lost Star
      Wanting to use the phone after their car breaks down, Lucy and Viv stumble onto Joan Cradford's house. When they find her dressed shabbily with no furniture--she's redecorating--they assume she's broke and starving. Mooney decides she needs an acting gig, so they talk her into performing in a benefit show that Lucy writes. Set in a 1920's speakeasy, the gals are flappers while Mooney is gangster "Scarface".moreless
    • Lucy Helps Ken Berry
      Ken is turned down by Mr. Mooney for a loan to open his dance studio. Lucy decides all he needs in a little publicity so she arranges for a bunch of truck drivers to sign up for lessons and wrangles some TV coverage. Berry does a song-and-dance to "One for My Baby" and teams with Lucy for "Lucy's Back In Town".moreless
    • Lucy and Phil Harris
      Lucy brings a talented, though drunken, cocktail lounge singer to her home to dry out and finish writing a song she's convinced is a hit. Sobriety is tough, especially when it's accompanied by Lucy's off-key warbling.
    • Lucy and the Stolen Stole
      When Lucy takes Mr. Mooney to buy a fur for his wife, they're made an incredible offer by a shady character. The stole they buy from him turns out to be "hot", getting the two of them arrested for possession of stolen goods. Lucy and Mooney's schemes to get his money back from the crook get them arrested again...and again.moreless
    • 1/22/68
      Mr. Mooney flirts innocently with a waitress when attending an out-of-town bank convention. But then the sexy server comes to L.A. insisting that Mooney has proposed to her. To scare her off, Lucy pretends to be Mrs. Mooney and shows the homewerecker how horrible it is to be married to a such a monster.moreless
    • Lucy Gets Involved
      Episode 17
      Lucy borrows Mr. Mooney's TV set and promptly breaks it. To make enough cash to replace it, she moonlights as a carhop at a drive-in. While there, she takes up the cause of a young motorcyclist who's accused of stealing and stripping cars.
    • 1/1/68
      When Lucy breaks a leg falling out of bed, Mr. Mooney sends for her old pal Viv Bunson to come west and be her nurse during recovery. The two chat about old adventures, leading to a clips from earlier episodes including installing a TV antenna, using stilts to get into bunk beds, and getting trapped in the rapidly-filling shower. Viv suffers her own injury and the gals talk about how much they mean to each other as new nurse Mooney brings them lunch.moreless
    • Lucy and Carol Burnett (2)
      In this second of a two-parter, flight attendants Lucy and Carol get their wings. Plus, the two red-heads team up with Mr. Mooney to stage a musical with Buddy Rogers and Richard Arlen from the silent film Wings.
    • Lucy and Carol Burnett (1)
      In the first of a two-parter, Lucy becomes a trainee flight attendant for Trans-Global Airways. She's teamed with fellow trainee Carol Tilford, who's afraid of heights. On their very first flight, the movie breaks, leaving the two to entertain the passengers themselves. They perform "That's Entertainment" and impressions of Chaplin and Durante.moreless
    • Lucy and the Pool Hustler
      Lucy visits a local pool hall and enters their billiards tournament. Her main competition is a woman named Laura Winthrop. Cigar-smoking Laura, however, looks suspiciously like a a pool hustling man named Ace.
    • Lucy Sues Mooney
      Episode 12
      Lucy injures her leg while working at Mr. Mooney's house, so she hires Mary Jane's lawyer cousin to get a little money for her pain and suffering. Once shady Willy Wiley sees big bucks to be made, he sues Mooney and the bank for everything they're worth.
    • 11/20/67
      Lucy helps out a hobo by inviting him in for a hot meal. When she learns he's look for a job, she brings him to the bank, hoping Mr. Mooney will give him a job. Mooney, meanwhile, has heard there's a millionaire masquerading as a panhandler who's handing out cash rewards to Good Samaritans.moreless
    • 11/13/67
      Lucy's going to have a visitor, but since she accidentally tore up their letter, she doesn't know who it is. To her dismay, its health-nut Aunt Agatha. Her rigid exercise program and nasty, healthy cooking soon has Lucy plotting to get rid of her.
    • 11/6/67
      When the bank comes up 48 cents short, Lucy simply takes the change from her own pocket to cover the difference. Eventually the shortfall comes to light and Mr. Cheever fires Mooney because he thinks he's behind the cover-up. To get Mooney re-hired, Lucy convinces Cheever that he's going to go insane until Mooney is brought back.moreless
    • 10/30/67
      When poor trucker Chuck Willis is turned down for a loan, Lucy decides to help him by entering him in a Robert Goulet look-alike contest. He loses the contest, but then again, so does the real Robert Goulet.
    • Little Old Lucy
      Episode 7
      The elderly president of the bank, Mr. Heatherington, is in town for its 50th anniversary. Mooney's in charge of the banquet so is ordered to line up an appropriate date for the rich 80-year-old. With no time or ideas, he forces Lucy to masquerade as a little old lady and escort the millionaire to the dinner. Heatherington proves to be a lecherous old skirt chaser who can't keep his hands off of his senior citizen date.moreless
    • 10/16/67
      Needing new accounts, Lucy visits Jack Benny to convince him to keep his money at the bank. He agrees IF she can prove that her bank can build a vault safer than his. Lucy gives Benny a personal tour the new vault, protected by a moat of crocodiles, a crazed gorilla, and quicksand.moreless
    • 10/9/67
      A new bank policy requires all of its employees be high school graduates. That's bad news for Lucy since she missed her final exams because of the measles. It's back to school where she disrupts classes, but convinces a know-it-all that education is important--even after he puts itching powder down her blouse.moreless
    • 10/2/67
      Mr. Cheever brings his nephew to work at the bank, hoping to discourage him from entering show business. Though he's to get no special treatment, Mooney constantly sucks up to young man. The nephew impresses Lucy and she encourages his aspirations.
    • 9/25/67
      When a handsome French film star expresses interest in Mooney's bank, Lucy is sent to the actor's apartment to dictate a letter. While visiting, the redhead gets too much of a kick from champagne and makes a fool of herself. Luckily, the French heartthrob gets a kick out of it all.moreless
    • 9/18/67
      Lucy fakes being sick to go shopping with Mary Jane at a one-day-only sale. Despite having destroyed a dish display and a refrigerator in the department store, Lucy is chosen customer of the year and wins a bunch of prizes. With a photo and story appearing in the next day's newspaper, Lucy works hard to keep Mr. Mooney from seeing it.moreless
    • 9/11/67
      Lucy moonlights again--this time as Milton Berle's secretary. After overhearing Berle rehearse a torrid love scene with Ruta Lee, Lucy decides to teach the cad a lesson by "tossing his salad".
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