The Lucy Show

Season 4 Episode 2

Lucy and the Golden Greek

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 20, 1965 on CBS



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    • Lucy: Mary Jane wasn't kidding about me being new out here and you being my first date.
      Howard: You're my first date in California, too.
      Lucy: Oh, really? How long have you been out here?
      Howard: Sixteen years.

    • Mooney: (asking about her impending date) Well, I hope he's a gentleman. There are a lot of wolves around here, you know. How did you meet him?
      Lucy: I haven't really met him yet. It's sort of a blind date.
      Mooney: That can be very dangerous! That's the way I met my wife. (shudders)

  • Notes

    • Mary Jane Lewis, Lucy's neighbor from the apartment next door, is introduced in this episode. Actress Mary Jane Croft had appeared earlier on the series in the recurring role of Danfield resident Audrey Simmons.

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