The Lucy Show

Season 6 Episode 22

Lucy and the Lost Star

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 26, 1968 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • (deciding Joan needs an acting job)
      Mr. Mooney: I have a friend who has a little theater downtown...
      Lucy: I'll write a play for her!
      Mr. Mooney: Oh, she's in trouble enough! No!

    • (after recognizing Joan Crawford in the empty house)
      Viv: Oh, I don't think she's a maid.
      Lucy: Then how come she's dressed like that and she's cleaning this place?
      Viv: I think this is her house and she's broke! She probably sold all of her furniture just to buy food.

  • Notes

    • Lucy and Joan Crawford got into it on numerous occasions during production of this episode. Crawford was reportedly drunk on the set, late for rehearsals, and couldn't remember her lines. Joan feared that Lucy wanted her to replace her with Gloria Swanson.

    • Lucy previously played a 1920s flapper named Rusty in the episode Lucy, the Gun Moll airing 3/14/1966.

    • Vivian Vance makes her final appearance of the series in this episode and is billed as "Guest Star".

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