The Lucy Show

Season 6 Episode 16

Lucy and Viv Reminisce

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 01, 1968 on CBS

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  • I first saw this episode when it originally aired on January 1, 1968. I was almost 9 years old. The funniest clips were - Lucy walking on stilts to get into the bunk bed - Installing a shower - Putting up a TV antenna. A wonderful collection of clips.

    Every Lucy fan will love this clip filled episode of some of the funniest stunts Lucy ever performed on TV. Viv comes to visit Lucy to be her nurse after Lucy breaks her leg. The 2 ladies reminisce about all their funny adventures together when they shared a house during the first 3 seasons. When you watch Lucy perform these wild stunts you will see why she was called the QUEEN OF Comedy. This should have been a 1 hour episode to include more clips. I can't wait for season 6 to be released on DVD so I can see this. The clips come one right after another as Viv reminds Lucy of all the crazy things they did together. Every clip is an absolute joy to watch. And you will love watching every minute of this wonderful flash back episode.