The Lucy Show

Season 4 Episode 1

Lucy at Marineland

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 13, 1965 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Look closely behind Lucy. Sitting in the bleachers are Lucille's mom, DeDe, with Desi Jr. and Lucie.

  • Quotes

    • Lucy: Jerry, would you like it if someday I got married again and you had a new father?
      Jerry: I'd father have a surfboard.
      Mr. Mooney: (regretfully)They didn't have surfboards when I got married.

    • (explaining how he ended up in California)
      Mr. Mooney: Well, last week the bankers down in Danfield were shifting various executives around and...Well, I was given two choices and I chose the state of California.
      Lucy: What was the other choice?
      Mr. Mooney: The state of unemployment.

  • Notes

    • In an appearance on the short-lived Steve Lawrence Show, (CBS, Mondays 10-11pm Mondays, September-December 1965) Lucy showed outtakes from this episode. In once scene, she's accidentally tossed out of the raft being towed by the seal. She says the closing 30 second shot where she cries while the porpoises do tricks took 45 minutes to shoot because the animals were more interested in her than in doing their stunts.

    • This was the first episode of The Lucy Show to be telecast in color, although Desilu had been filming the series in color since the start of season two. Lucille had learned the value of syndicated reruns from I Love Lucy and knew the series would be worth more in the future if it was available in color. (CBS had been resisting "going color" since the early 50s when the FCC chose RCA/NBC's system for broadcasting color over theirs. The network finally gave in to the inevitable change in the mid-60s.)

    • It's explained that Viv Bagley had married Vern Bunson. Mr. Mooney thinks Bunson is a fine man.

    • Because Vivian Vance retired from the show, the series went through a major format change. Lucy moved from Danfield, New York to Los Angeles, California where she enrolled her son Jerry in a Military Academy. Mr. Mooney also moved to California and was still Lucy's banker.

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