The Lucy Show

Season 4 Episode 21

Lucy Dates Dean Martin

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 14, 1966 on CBS



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    • Lucy: (talking to Eddie, unaware he's really Dean) I understands he drinks pretty good.
      Dean (as Eddie): Oh, well, Dean's drinking, that's all exaggerated. He takes a few belts now and then just to keep up his image as a swinger, you know.
      Lucy: Oh?
      Dean (as Eddie): It's just a gimmick. Actually, he doesn't care for the stuff.
      Lucy: He doesn't?
      Dean (as Eddie): No. But I'd like a little sauce if you got some.

    • Lucy: (to Dean, upon learning he's not Eddie the double) Why didn't you tell me you were Dean Martin right off the bat? I'd have gone out with you anyway!

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