The Lucy Show

Season 5 Episode 7

Lucy Gets a Roommate

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 31, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy comes into the office and Mr. Mooney is annoyed with the fact that she's late. He's further irritated regarding her excuse for being late (which is picking up the mail) because all of the mail that she's picked up at the office mailbox is for her, and it's personal. Lucy explains that she's looking for a roommate and that Mr. Mooney ought to be happy that she's finally saving some money. Mr. Mooney responds by saying that he'd be happy if she actually did some work, now that the morning was half over. Lucy chooses from among the responses that of a woman named Carol Bradford, a librarian, and judges from her letter that this Carol would be the ideal roommate.

Mary Jane comes over later and Lucy has spent a whole week's salary on a piece of abstract artwork that she thinks will really impress her worldly librarian roommate. Mary Jane leaves just before Carol arrives. When Carol comes in the door, Lucy lowers her voice and tries to give off an aura of sophisticated nonchalance. She soon realizes, however, that she need not have tried so hard to put on airs. Carol trips over the step in the living room, laughs uproariously at Lucy's mild jokes and startles her, sneezes "like a sonic blast," and demonstrates overall awkwardness in everything she does.

Lucy finally suggests that she make them coffee, and Carol agrees. Carol asks Lucy if she minds whether she hangs up a few items in the apartment, and Lucy quickly agrees, saying, "it's your place, too." Carol immediately exchanges Lucy's expensive artwork for a framed "Home Sweet Home" done in counted cross-stitch. Lucy is not happy, but holds her tongue. Carol further proceeds to rearrange all the furniture in the living room. When she asks Lucy her opinion, Lucy is reluctant to say. When she brings the coffee in, however, she sets it down where the table used to be and ends up spilling everything.

Mary Jane comes over later and Lucy confesses that her new roomie is getting on her nerves. Mary Jane thinks she must be exaggerating, but when she hears Carol in the shower doing her Tarzan impression, then violently sneezing, she concedes that Lucy might be on to something.

Mary Jane collaborates with Lucy to figure out a way to get Carol out of the house. Carol tells them that her free time is spent mostly reading books or going with some of the other librarians to libraries that close later. When Mary Jane and Lucy bring up the idea of dating, Carol begins to hiccup, a trait that she says happens whenever she gets nervous.

Lucy and Mary Jane decide to plan a party, and invite some brothers that live across the hall and play in a band to join them. The guys come over with high expectations to meet "the swingin' chick" that Mary Jane has described to them. Lucy explains that Mary Jane has greatly exaggerated the bikini-model type that Carol was described to them to be. The brothers agree that Mel, the shyest of the four, should meet her.

When Carol arrives at the apartment, the band is in full swing. At first Carol is terrified and refuses to come near the party. Lucy offers everyone some Chianti, which Carol at first refuses. Lucy tells her that in Italy, they drink Chianti like water. Carol acquiesces, saying she's "a firm believer in drinking lots of water" and chugs the entire glass. Lucy introduces her to shy Mel; they seem to have little to talk about and Carol is flustered. She takes Mel's wine from him in her anxiety and polishes the whole thing off in a gulp. When it's suggested that everyone dance, Carol tries to flee and Lucy physically has to pry her off the ceiling support to which Carol is clinging and convince her to join them. Finally, Carol suggests that perhaps singing something might relax her. Lucy and Mary Jane are hesitant, but the guys agree. Right before she starts, Carol asks for "more of that Italian water" and chugs another glass of wine. She then begins to sing what sounds to be a sort of gospel song...until she gets to the chorus and lets it all out: a bawdy, loud rendition of "Hard-Hearted Hannah." The guys can't believe their eyes, and Lucy and Mary Jane grab one another for support, they're so surprised. Carol gets so into it that she throws off her overcoat, sheds her glasses, and even dances seductively. By the end, her hair is completely down and she looks like a normal, attractive woman.

Lucy and Mary Jane surround her and declare that she is definitely "way out of her shell."