The Lucy Show

Season 5 Episode 9

Lucy Gets Caught Up in the Draft

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 14, 1966 on CBS

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  • Hilarious! What more can I say?

    The laughs were endless in this one. Lucy gets a draft notice meant for a man named Lou C. Carmichael, but until it gets straightened out, she has to suit up and join the Marines. Her hapless drill sergeant is superbly played by Henry Hickox. He was an absolute riot, and was in my opinion the funniest in the episode, and that says a lot. Throughout her brief experience with basic training she hilariously smarts off at the poor Sarge, and gets him in dutch with the lieutenant, like the time she somehow ended up on the Sarge's shoulders, and the lieutenant passes by and says, "Sergeant! Marines (pause) do not fight piggyback!". When Mr. Mooney shows up to deliver her discharge (on grounds that she was a mother) the sergeant takes off his medal for bravery and gives it to Mr. Mooney: "You deserve it more than I do!" Jim Nabors makes a cameo appearance at the end, presumably as Gomer Pyle, to further torment the sergeant. You'd have to see it for yourself to see how funny it is. It's available on some cheaply sold DVD sets. It was a time of innocence, before audiences became more jaded and unable to appreciate humor that is not coarse or decadent. That is their loss.
  • TV comedy has come a long way since 1966

    My childhood was very much Silver Age Marvel Comics and good tv shows like The Avengers and Man from UNCLE. There were some other shows that I would always switch over from. Petticoat Junction, Bonanza and The Lucy Show. Having some time off from work, I found a digital channel called "Bonanza" And, yep, it shows old episodes of Bonanza. But it also shows The Lucy Show and Beverley Hillbillies. Weirdly, I didn't mind BHB when I was a kid, but that's a matter for another review.

    Seeing The Lucy Show show today, I'm amazed at what good taste I had as a kid. This episode, in which Lucy is implausibly inducted into the US Marines, is pretty weak stuff. There's no script as such and the few laughs just come from Lucy being Lucy. She breaks her nail. She tells off the loud drill sergeant for yelling at her. The usual stuff.

    But Lucy was a sharp business woman and she was smart enough to switch from being a second string movie star to a top-ranked tv star. Just imagine how great these shows would have been if she'd been motivated to hire the same guys that wrote the Bilko shows.

    Then again, she didn't need to. Audiences seemed to be happy with Lucy just being Lucy.

    Me, I'll stick with Will and Grace and re-runs of Friends.

    Alan M (12/08/2005)