The Lucy Show

Season 5 Episode 9

Lucy Gets Caught Up in the Draft

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 14, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Neither the Marine sergeant or Lucy Carmichael have met Gomer Pyle before, but both seem to know he's a "knucklehead" when all he's done is informs them he is Carmichael's replacement.

    • Although Lucy was supposedly mistaken for a man throughout this episode, her hair wasn't "cut" nearly as short as the men and Lucy's uniform is the only one to not have a Marine emblem on the pocket.

    • Jim Nabors has a cameo appearance as Gomer Pyle in this episode.

    • Notice when Lucy receives the letter from her son in the beginning of this episode, she calls him Jimmy instead of correctly calling him Jerry. When Lucille was handed the script for the first time, she complained to the crew that they had wrote the wrong name in. She was reminded that it was Jimmy Garrett that portayed Jerry Carmichael. Lucille still demanded that she was right and the crew left it her way.--according to Geoffrey Mark Fidelman's "The Lucy Book"

  • Quotes

    • Lucy: Oh boy, I've made military history!
      Mr. Mooney: Oh?
      Lucy: Yea, I think I'm the first Marine to ever get out of the service because he was a mother!

    • Male Recruit: What are you bawlin' about, Mac?
      Lucy: (crying) My hair! They cut off my hair!
      Male Recruit: So what! They cut off mine, too and mine was longer than yours!

    • Mr. Mooney: (to Lucy) Starting first thing tomorrow, you come back to work for me.
      Marine Sergeant: Mr. Mooney. I want you to have this.
      Mr. Mooney: What's that?
      Marine Sergeant: My medal for bravery. You deserve it more than I do!

    • Lucy: Oh No! This is unbelievable!
      Mr. Mooney: They want you to pay more income tax.
      Lucy: No. Worse than that.
      Mr. Mooney: Nothing can be worse than paying more income tax.

    • Lucy: Imagine putting me in the Army.
      Mr. Mooney: Don't worry. You'll never pass the physical.

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