The Lucy Show

Season 5 Episode 3

Lucy, the Bean Queen

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 26, 1966 on CBS

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  • Another hilarious output!

    Lucy needs $1500.00 for new furniture, but can't get stingy Mooney to co-sign her loan. Mooney tells her if she starts with one penny and doubles the amount each day, she would have enough money to buy her furniture in 19 days. She sees an ad for Bailey's Beans (in which Mooney is an investor), which says it's the best beans you ever ate or double your money back. She is certain her mother's beans were the best so, inspired by Mooney's penny lecture, she and Mary Jane scheme to buy one can, return it because they're not the best beans she ever ate (even though she's never actually eaten them), get double her money back, use the money to buy two more cans the next day, again getting double her money back, then buy four cans and continues the process until she has enough to buy new furniture. Back home, she gets hungry so she tries some of Bailey's beans, and is shocked. They really are the best she ever ate. Mooney and Colonel Bailey storm into the house to chew her out, but she admits Bailey's Beans really are the best, and tears up the check. Bailey is delighted at her testimonial, so he pays for her new furniture and crowns her the new Bailey Bean Queen. All's well that end's well. Lucy may be a wild schemer, but she's honest. This episode has similarities to an early episode of "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet", which was also about a double-your-money-back scheme.