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  • Very good in the first three seasons

    I Love this show! It's a show featuring Lucille Ball as Lucy Carmichael, Vivian Vance as Vivian Bagley, and Gale Gordon as Mr. Mooney, Lucy's boss at the bank. Lucy and Viv are widows, who live together in Danfield, NY, raising their children. They often get into crazy situations. One is where Lucy and Viv start their own business by giving kiddie parties, and Lucy, who is the clown, floats away with a bundle of helium balloons. Another is where Lucy hypnotizes a nervous symphony conductor, and can't wake him up, so she has to take his place. And another is where Lucy and Viv decide to enroll in a chemistry class and Lucy tries to make a youth serum. After it blows up in the professor's face, he and Viv make Lucy drink the potion, and with makeup, a putty nose, fake eyebrows and a wig, they make Lucy look "younger." In 1965, Vivian Vance left the show, and the storyline had Lucy move to California, where most of the episodes had her working in the bank, and coincidentally, Mr. Mooney came, too. Viv supposedly stayed in NY and got married, so she was now Vivian Bunsen. (She made a few guest appearances in the last two seasons) And Lucy's son Jerry was enrolled in military school. The last three seasons, 1965-1968 had a lot of guest stars. I wish the episodes in public domain were from 1962-1965. I basically have the whole 1966-1967 season on DVD (sans one or two episodes)--but not digitally remastered season sets, they're public domain, bad sound, low picture quality, EDITED, DVDs. (From what I heard, a whole chunk of "Lucy and George Burns" was cut off at the beginning.)
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