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  • Have a ball with Lucille Ball starring in The Lucy Show.

    The Lucy Show starring Lucille Ball was a very funny tv series of the 60's which ran between 1962 and 1968. The series ran for 6 seasons. It is a tv show which helped revolutionised comedy and tv viewing as we now know it. The show is about a bank secretary, Lucy Carmichael. Lucy has a mean boss called Theodore J. Mooney who is very unappreciative of Lucy's efforts. Lucy tries to do right by Mr. Mooney but her general work attitude is, "Arrive at work late, take long coffee breaks and lunch breaks and get on Mr. Mooney's nerves", at least from Mr. Mooney's point of view. Lucy has two best friends of many years. There is Mary Jane Lewis and there is also Vivian Bagley. When Lucy and her 2 best friends get together, boy, do they like to gossip. They just can't wait to catch up on each other's news and everybody else's news while they're at it. Lucy loves her friends and cares for them dearly. She loves to shop and to go shopping and on coffee breaks and lunch beaks from work with them. She is always causing foul-ups and bringing misfortune to her boss Mr. Mooney and his well-to-do clients. Mr. Mooney, however, always seems to feel sorry for her and even if he fires her, he always finds it in his heart to take her back. It is as I mentioned a great show and a personal favourite of mine for lots of laughs.