The Lucy Show

CBS (ended 1968)





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  • Lucy's second series is better than most remember!

    The "Lucy Show" is aptly titled. Continuing story-lines are scrapped, and episodes focus on Lucy being Lucy. Very abstract compared to other sitcoms, one week Lucy is a cop, the next a fire fighter, next a secretary and so on.

    Many claim the 1st two seasons are the best, but my personal favorites are all the later years. Season one just seems to be to typical a sitcom, and Lucy's kids unbelievable. Lucy and Viv rarely recapture the "Lucy-Ethel" magic. Once the show changes gears and becomes a sitcom about working Lucy, the show really takes off. Lucille Ball deserved the two emmy awards she won in the final two seasons! Only Lucille Ball had the courage and intellect to keep her shows changing. She pulled the plug on all three shows after 6 years. Lucy Show and I Love Lucy were both at their peak when she moved on. How many others can say that about their tv careers?