The Lucy Show - Season 1

CBS (ended 1968)




Episode Guide

  • Lucy Buys a Boat
    Episode 30
    Lucy talks Viv into buying a "fixer upper" boat that's barely seaworthy. When they finally get it on the lake, it slips away from it's moorings, trapping a sea sick Viv and a bossy Capt'n Lucy without a sail. Then, the leaks start springing up.
  • 4/22/63
    The hunt is on for a butterfly Lucy allowed to escape while helping Jerry with his collection. On a dinner date with a lawyer, she leaps into action when she thinks she spots the rogue insect, resulting in chaos at dinner, the park, and eventually a court session.
  • Lucy and the Little League
    Lucy and Viv are such obnoxious parents at their sons' Little League game that they're tossed out of the park. Determined to watch Jerry play, Lucy dons various disguises to sneak back in, but her big mouth gives her away every time. Viv, however, stays quiet and has more success.
  • Lucy Is a Chaperone
    Lucy Is a Chaperone
    Episode 27
    Lucy and Viv chaperone Chris and some of her school friends for a week at Sandy Cove beach. Irked that the kids call them old fogies, they try to fit in by talking and acting like "groovy" teenagers. The ladies even offer a rendition of the rock tune "Big Girls Don't Cry." All of this succeeds in making them unbearable pests that the kids try to get rid of.moreless
  • 4/1/63
    Viv regrets letting Lucy talk her into joining her for a night-school chemistry class. Lucy gets carried away trying to invent a youth serum and develops a huge ego between explosions. To teach her a lesson, Viv and the professor make her drink her own concoction, which acts as a sedative. When she awakens, she's horrified by the results of her youth formula.moreless
  • 3/25/63
    Lucy calls the President to tell him about the replica of the White House made of sugar cubes built by the boys' Cub Scot troop. She actually gets Mr. Kennedy on the phone and receives an invitation to present it in person. On the train to Washington, the model is destroyed, forcing Lucy and Viv to do a quick rebuild. To get enough sugar cubes, Lucy hops off at one stop and cleans out a nearby diner's supply.moreless
  • 3/11/63
    The fire department members are livid when Lucy fails to get the town council to pay for their new uniforms as she'd guaranteed. Her scheme to raise the funds through a newspaper drive leads to her court marshal by the ladies, a rented dump truck to haul 34 tons of paper to a nearby town, and numerous traffic citations.moreless
  • Lucy Is a Soda Jerk
    Episode 23
    Chris needs cash for a majorette uniform so she takes a job at Wilbur's Ice Cream Parlor. On the day of the parade, Mr. Wilbur won't let her miss work, so Lucy and Viv fill in. Viv does alright as a waitress but Lucy makes a sticky mess as the soda jerk.moreless
  • 2/25/63
    Nervous over recent break-ins, Lucy and Viv take judo lessons for self-protection. The pair don't learn very much, but Lucy teaches what little she learned to Jerry after he's given a black eye by Sherman.
  • 2/18/63
    Tired of the weekly Saturday night debate with Viv and Eddie about what to do on their double-date, Lucy and Harry decided to have a quiet dinner alone. They pretend to have tickets to a Broadway show, but instead head to a new restaurant. When Viv and Eddie walk in, Lucy hides under their table and dines on their unwitting handouts.moreless
  • 2/11/63
    After Viv's boyfriend, Eddie, goes nuts over her caramel popcorn, Lucy suggests putting it on the market. The three become business partners, turning the kitchen into a gooey, sticky mess of a candy factory. They're violating zoning laws by running a business in their home, so they frantically hide the evidence before the cops arrives.moreless
  • Lucy's Barbershop Quartet
    A member of the fire department's barbershop quartet is moving and Lucy wants to take her place. Desperate for a fourth member so they can compete in a big contest, the women are forced to let her join. Though Lucy talks loudly, they can barely hear her sing, so they call in a vocal coach to teach her how to project.moreless
  • 1/28/63
    Tired of Chris hogging the bathroom all the time, Lucy asks Harry to install an extra shower for them. After promising, he hires a plumber to do the chore instead. After Lucy nags the plumber until he quits, she and Viv decided to finish the job themselves. The women begin to panic when they get trapped in the glass stall with the water rising, and they can't turn the faucet off.moreless
  • 1/21/63
    After just three days as the fill-in society reporter for the Danfield newspaper, Lucy's job is hanging by a thread. The only thing that will save it is an interview with the press-shy financier visiting town. Once she learns he had been Viv's high school sweetheart, Lucy heads down to his hotel for a scoop, passing herself off as Vivian Bagley.moreless
  • 1/14/63
    Lucy protests too loudly about Danfield needing a fire department; she's named Captain of an all-woman volunteer force. With Viv's help, the group practices to be ready for their first mission. When the alarm finally goes off, they set the firehouse ablaze.
  • Lucy's Sister Pays a Visit
    Lucy's sister Marge shows up, having just left her new husband Hughie. Peacemaker Lucy gets the couple back together but believes their problems stem from having not had a wedding--they had eloped. Leave it to Lucy to plan a big wedding for the next day.
  • Chris's New Year's Eve Party
    Lucy promises not to interfere with Chris' New Year's Eve Party. Harry agrees to chaperone as Lucy and Viv take the other kids to a hotel. While at dinner, Viv's boyfriend brings news that Chris' party is a dud and desperately in need of their help. The ladies come to the rescue with entertainment.moreless
  • Together for Christmas
    The Carmichaels and the Bagleys are spending their first Christmas together and trouble begins immediately. Lucy and Viv argue over every single holiday tradition, especially over whether to have a traditional green or white flocked tree. Two trees and an escalation of words results in many busted ornaments and hacked-off limbs.moreless
  • Lucy and Her Electric Matress
    Lucy wants to surprise Viv with a new vibrating electric mattress. Luckily she gives it a "test drive" when when it arrives; its vibrating feature goes berserk sending the bed careening all around the room. Without a bed, Viv and Lucy end up sleeping in the boys' bunk beds. This leads to Lucy's classic misadventure with a pair of stilts.moreless
  • 12/10/62
    Lucy and Viv each sneak back home to fix meals for their dates after agreeing that neither would get the house to herself that night. Following the inevitable fight, the gals go to work on turning the basement into an extra room for entertaining. Unfortunately, they've underestimated the strength of the glue they're using on the walls.moreless
  • Vivian Sues Lucy
    Vivian Sues Lucy
    Episode 10
    Viv trips over one of Jerry's toys and suffers a minor ankle injury. Upset that Lucy believes she'd sue over this little mishap, she decides to teach the redhead a lesson. Exaggerating her injury and threatening to call her lawyer, Viv lounges in bed for a week, running Lucy ragged with petty demands.moreless
  • Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna
    To save money, Lucy talks Vivian into helping her install a new TV antenna on the roof. The do-it-yourself project costs a small fortune thanks to Lucy's general klutziness, Viv's fear of heights, broken windows, new holes in the roof, and smoke damage caused by clogging the chimney with Lucy's bottom.moreless
  • 11/19/62
    Lucy goes overboard to make the doctor she's dating believe she's as big a classical music lover as he is. Her elaborate sham was for naught; when she invites her date over, he ends up making beautiful music with Viv. He's even planning to play violin in Viv's benefit recital--until Lucy crushes his hand with the piano lid.moreless
  • 11/12/62
    Lucy takes a secretarial temp job in order to afford a bicycle for Jerry's birthday. Lost in a modern office, she has disastrous contact with the electric pencil sharpener, the water cooler, and the electric typewriter. Her exasperated employer sends on out on errands when her dress gets caught in an elevator and unravels. Not wanting to deliver contracts in her unmentionables, Lucy borrows a kangaroo costume to finish her chores.moreless
  • 11/5/62
    Lucy and Viv successfully spend 24 hours in a simulated space ship as part of a "women in space" experiment. Lucy's ego has swelled from the publicity so Viv decides do deflate it. She convinces the redhead that she's been chosen to be the first woman astronaut and must leave immediately for Cape Canaveral.moreless
  • Lucy Buys a Sheep
    Episode 5
    Lucy solves the lawn mowing problem by buying a sheep to eat the grass. When winter weather makes Clementine into an unwelcome house guest, and Lucy and Viv sneak her back to the farm. Only then is are they offered $200 for their "lawn mower" to appear in a blanket ad.moreless
  • Lucy Misplaces $2,000
    The bank gives Lucy a check for $2,000 instead of $20 just minutes after Mr. Barnsdahl had declared that his bank was perfect. To force the old grouch into admitting they'd made a boo-boo, she cashes the check and hides the money in a box of candy. When it comes time to return the cash, the box is missing. Harry unknowingly gave the candy to the boys who took it to the carnival.moreless
  • Lucy Is a Referee
    Episode 3
    Lucy has Harry give her a crash course in football after she volunteers to referee a game for Jerry and Sherman's league. She fails so miserably, she's chased off the field. To make up for the disaster, she offers to take all 25 players to a pro game. That plan also goes awry when a blizzard traps all the boys in Lucy and Viv's house for the weekend.moreless
  • 10/8/62
    Lucy and Viv are scheming ways to get dates for the upcoming dance when Jerry announces that he got a "D" from "Old Man Taylor". When the "old man" turns out to be quite handsome, Lucy grabs his driver's license to find out if he's married, but forgets to put it back in his wallet. She and Viv sneak into the YMCA where he's staying to secretly return it.moreless
  • 10/1/62
    Nervous over Chris' date with a boy who drives, Lucy pounces on the car the second they return home, embarrassing her daughter in front of the boy and his parents. To make amends, Lucy promises she won't even wait up on their next date. Of course, she does and has to make a quick getaway out the back door, locking herself out of the house. Lucky there's a trampoline outside of Viv's window.moreless
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