The Lucy Show - Season 2

CBS (ended 1968)




Episode Guide

  • 4/27/64
    Lucy's tired of the incessant jokes about her lousy cooking by Vivian and the bridge club ladies. To prove them wrong, she enters the annual pie banking challenge intending to defeat perennial winner Viv. At the competition, Lucy's incompetence in the kitchen in on display for the whole town to view.moreless
  • 4/20/64
    Lucy takes a temp job as a process server for an attorney service and must serve Mr. Mooney with a subpoena or lose her job. He's leaving on vacation, so she chases him to the train station and serves him the wrong papers. Determined, she goes to his stateroom on board a ship, but stays a little too long.moreless
  • 3/30/64
    Mr. Mooney heads up a Cub Scout camping trip in the woods when Lucy and Viv show up to replace an ill father. After losing the canoe, Lucy goes searching for it ad gets lost. The rescue team of Mooney and Vivian also fare poorly, unable to find the redhead or their way back to camp.moreless
  • 3/23/64
    Mr. Mooney's campaign for city comptroller suffers a major setback when Lucy and Viv become volunteers. The ladies put up a Mooney billboard that makes his face looks like a Picasso. Even worse, Lucy forgets to book the Scottish bagpipe band for the big rally.
  • 3/16/64
    Handsome Italian millionaire Umberto Fabriani asks Lucy on a date with Mooney acting as their translator. The klutzy redhead ruins Fabriani's tuxedo with a plate of pasta, so they go to the dry cleaners to retrieve his other suit. It doesn't matter to Lucy that the cleaners is closed for the night.moreless
  • Lucy Is Her Own Lawyer

    Lucy and Vivian are kept up all night by Mr. Mooney's new barking sheepdog, Nelson. When she complains, sarcastic Mooney tells her to sue him. She does and acts as her own lawyer. Lucy's melodramatic courtroom skills were all learned from watching Perry Mason on TV.

  • Viv Moves Out
    Viv Moves Out
    Episode 22

    The gals have a spat and Viv moves out. Penny-pincher Mooney forces Lucy get a new tenant immediately so in moves nightclub singer Roberta Schaeffer and her son. Their non-stop rehearsals of "Up a Lazy River" get old quickly. By now, Viv wants back in and Lucy desperately wants to lose the chronic songbirds.

  • Lucy Takes a Job at the Bank
    Mr. Mooney hires Lucy to give a new toaster to anyone who opens a savings account. Lucy tries to drum up business by getting her friends to close out their savings accounts and then redeposit the money as new accounts, leading to a rumor that the bank is failing!
  • 2/17/64

    Lucy talks Viv into dipping into her "nest egg" and buying a small restaurant that's for sale. Unable to attract even a single customer, they also fail miserably as a gypsy tea room and a Colonial American themed restaurant. Even so, Mr. Mooney becomes interested in being a partner when he learns of a new highway's being built nearby.

  • Ethel Merman and the Boy Scout Show

    Lucy turns on the tears because she's making costumes for the Boy Scouts' show rather than being onstage. Ethel feels badly for her and comes up with a new finale that stars herself, Vivian, Mooney, and Lucy in a salute to show business from vaudeville through today.

  • Lucy Teaches Ethel Merman to Sing

    Lucy's lies about being best friends with Ethel Merman come back to bite her. The boys now expect Lucy to get the star for their Scout show. Conveniently, , Lucy spots her at the bank going under the phony name Agnes Schmidlapp. Soon, "Agnes" is starring in the boys' show masquerading as Ethel, but only after vocal coaching from the redhead.

  • Lucy Takes Up Golf
    Episode 17

    To be near her golf-nut boyfriend Gary, Lucy decides to learn the sport. After just six lessons, with a handicap of 36, she's bona fide lousy. This doesn't prevent her from playing in a tournament with her boyfriend against two guys she's never heard of, Jimmy Demaret and Bo Wininger.

  • Chris Goes Steady
    Chris Goes Steady
    Episode 16

    When Chris and Ted Mooney start "going steady," their overreacting parents use reverse psychology to kill the romance by planning their kids' wedding. Chris recognizes her mother's scheme, so the teens pretend they're planning to elope. Camped out in the boys' tree house, Lucy and Mr. Mooney hold an all-night vigil to catch the pair when they try to sneak away.

  • 1/13/64
    The gals fight it out for the affections of handsome and single John Brooks III in an art class. When Viv lands the date, sore loser Lucy sneaks into John's apartment to replace the apple pie Viv had baked with one made of peppers and Tabasco. The two arrive at his place early, forcing Lucy to hide as part of a famous work of art.moreless
  • 1/6/64
    Lucy wants Mr. Mooney, hospitalized with a broken leg, to sign a cash advance to buy Chris a formal dress. As a "Hospital Helper," she slips in, tortures him, and is banned from that floor by the head nurse. With Viv's help, she masquerades as a wheelchair-bound patient who leads the staff on a wild chase, and then as a surgeon.moreless
  • 12/30/63
    Viv's cousin Wally, a symphony percussionist, has been hired to play with a big New York City orchestra. To relax the high-strung man, Lucy hypnotizes him into a deep sleep, but can't wake him up. Naturally, she fills in for Wally and is so horrible, she runs off the conductor mid-performance. Once Lucy picks up the baton, she can't help help herself.moreless
  • 12/23/63
    Viv's son Sherman lets the bathtub overflow, destroying the plaster on the ceiling below. Mr. Mooney claims that Viv, as the renter, must pay for damages or she'll be evicted. Reading the lease, Viv learns she could actually buy the house and throw Lucy out if she wanted. Mooney and Lucy panic, climbing onto the roof at night with a fishing pole to steal the lease from her night coat.moreless
  • Lucy's College Reunion
    While attending her college reunion at Milroy, Lucy helps Chris revive the old tradition of stealing the statue of the school founder. She and Viv end up having to return the heavy sculpture of Zachary Milroy before someone has to face the consequences. In the process, Lucy locks them in the top of the bell tower.moreless
  • 12/9/63
    Doting mother hen Lucy goes to pieces the second her "baby" Jerry leaves for a military academy. The school forbids parents from seeing their children for the first two weeks, but that means nothing to Lucy. Her scheme to bring Jerry a birthday cake never makes it past the colonel's office, so she swipes a uniform and masquerades as an upperclassman. The obstacle course proves more than she can handle.moreless
  • 12/2/63
    The members of the incompetent Danfield women's volunteer fire department go to training school after Mooney's town finance committee cuts off their funding. Needing a fire to prove their worth, Lucy sets off a smoke bomb in the bank with the ladies standing by outside, ready to come to the rescue.moreless
  • 11/18/63
    Lucy tricks Mr. Mooney out of $200 to do some simple redecorating. Cutting corners, Lucy decides to spray paint the sofa in the living room rather than having it reupholstered. Lucy ruins the walls with a berserk paint gun, so she and Viv are forced to repaint. Trapped downstairs, the gals sleep in the car. That's when the real damage is begins.moreless
  • 11/11/63
    When Lucy hears the bank's books don't balance, she's convinced Mr. Mooney's has been embezzling. Her proof is a note she finds on his desk reading "ten thousand dollars buried in backyard". She and Viv spend the night digging up Mr. Mooney's yard looking for the loot.
  • 11/7/63
    Following Viv's orders to like whatever the man likes, Lucy ends up duck hunting with her handsome blind date, Bill King. With her hip-waders full of water (and one frog), she causes chaos in the duck blind, but redeems herself with her improvised duck call. Her "quack quack" proves irresistible to the birds and other hunters.moreless
  • 10/28/63
    Having wasted no time in locking Mr. Mooney back in the bank vault, Lucy recruits Danfield's only "can opener" to get him out. The reformed safe-cracker, now mild-mannered owner of a candy store, sets an angry Mooney free, but the experience of opening the safe rekindles old desires. He grabs a bag of loot and takes Lucy and Viv hostage.moreless
  • 10/21/63
    Lucy makes a bad impression on new bank president Theodore Mooney. After he refuses to advance her money, she tests her home hair cutting kit on his son, Arnold. Going to the bank to apologize for the mohawk, she locks Mooney and herself in the vault until the next morning.
  • 10/14/63
    The women's fire department team is challenged to a post-season game. After being benched all year, Viv gets to play only because one of the women is expecting. Lucy's so lousy that even the coach she brought in benches her--at least until another player faints and they're no choice but to put the redhead on the field.moreless
  • 10/7/63
    The high cost of their kids' birthday parties inspires Lucy and Viv's latest money-making scheme. They'll make easy money with their own children's party business. What can goes wrong does at their first event.
  • 9/30/63
    The women of the Danfield Fire Department are talked into staging Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra for their fundraiser show. Lucy schemes her way into the lead as Cleopatra with Viv as Marc Antony. The two dueling divas try to upstage each other during their death scene to the dismay of their pretentious director Professor Gitterman.moreless
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