The Lucy Show - Season 4

CBS (ended 1968)




Episode Guide

  • 3/21/66
    When a heavy computer falls on Mooney's foot, Lucy's adrenaline kicks in, allowing her to lift the huge machine by herself. Strangely, her adrenal gland stays "on," giving her superhuman strength. This new power causes Lucy to destroy everything she touches, ripping doors from their frames and leaving wrecked furniture in her wake. While the doctors gawk in amazement, the product endorsements pour in.moreless
  • Lucy, the Gun Moll
    Lucy, the Gun Moll
    Episode 25
    In this takeoff on The Untouchables, Federal agent Robert Stack has Lucy pose as her lookalike, Rusty Martin, the girlfriend of a mobster. With Big Nick getting out of prison, Stack knows he's rush to see his moll at the nightclub where she works. It's Lucy's job to get him to reveal the whereabouts of the $100,000 from his last robbery.moreless
  • 3/7/66
    Lucy takes her boyfriend Frank's measurements on the sly and stays up all night knitting him a red sweater. Come morning, she realizes it's big enough to cover a car and that he hates the color red. At the company picnic, she tries her best to ditch the gift rather than giving it to him, but it keeps finding its way back to her.moreless
  • Lucy, the Robot
    Lucy, the Robot
    Episode 23
    Lucy helps an inventor friend get some badly needed funding. She figures Mr. Mooney will approve some cash if they help him with the miscreant 13-year-old nephew he's stuck with. Her genius pal builds a life-sized robot soldier to entertain the brat, but its doesn't survive a Lucy-induced fall down the stairs. Lucy passes herself off as the robot and gives the delinquent some much-needed discipline.moreless
  • Lucy and Bob Crane
    Episode 22
    Actor Bob Crane comes into the bank to open an account and leaves with a dinner date with "shy and demur" little Lucy. Since the bank has invested in Bob's new WWI picture, Mr. Mooney knows the director. Just for the joy of irritating Lucy, Mooney guarantees that Iron Man Carmichael will do stunts for the flick.moreless
  • Lucy Dates Dean Martin
    Lucy is set up on a date with Dean Martin's movie double Eddie Feldman. When Eddie can't make it because he's needed in a scene, Dean substitutes as him on the date. Throughout the evening, Lucy keeps telling him how much more talented he is than that lucky Dean Martin. To make matters worse, Dean/Eddie can't get a drink anywhere.moreless
  • 2/7/66
    Lucy, the world's biggest movie fan, manages to get into a big Hollywood movie premiere by filling-in as a theater usher. As the stars arrive, she disrupts proceedings on the red carpet by fawning over the celebrities and getting into a fight with a gorilla. Look for cameos from Kirk Douglas, Jimmy Durante, Edward G. Robinson, Vince Edwards, and the "Mayor of Hollywood" Johnny Grant.moreless
  • 1/31/66
    Lucy's not going to stand idly by while an actor friend is written out of her favorite soap opera, Camden Cove. Disguised as a Japanese gardener and also as a little old lady, Lucy harasses the show's writer into finding the friend's character not guilty in the big trial. When that fails, she disrupts the taping of the episode to make one final appeal to the jury.moreless
  • Lucy Meets Mickey Rooney
    Mickey's getting a loan from the bank to buy an acting school. To his eventual regret, he also gets Mr. Mooney and Lucy as his students. The three of them star in a take-off on silent movie comedies with Lucy impersonating Charlie Chaplin, Mickey as a "kid", Mooney as a store proprietor, and lots of crazy cops.moreless
  • Lucy Bags a Bargain
    Episode 17
    Lucy moonlights at a department store to pay for a dinette set she's buying. Throughout the day she has run-ins with a haughty, hefty society matron who keeps getting her bounced from one department to another. Lucy ends her sales career in sporting goods where she has trouble with stilts, handballs, and a motorized skateboard.moreless
  • Lucy and Art Linkletter
    As a contestant on Linkletter's television show, Lucy is offered $200 if she can shut up for 24 hours. Art sends along another audience member, Ruth, to see how she does. Ruth's a plant from the show who tries her best to make Lucy scream, as are the one-armed "fugitive" and cop who shoot it out in her apartment, and the guy in the gorilla suit that attacks her.moreless
  • Lucy, the Rain Goddess
    Mr. Mooney forgets to sign an important paper, so Lucy follows him to the dude ranch where he's vacationing. While searching the grounds for him, she encounters a group of Indians who declare her the rain goddess. They also think "Hopalong" Mooney, dressed in black, is an evil spirit. If she doesn't dance up a storm, they're both in trouble.moreless
  • Lucy Discovers Wayne Newton
    Farm boy Wayne Newton finds Mr. Mooney's dog, Nelson, after it gets away from dog-sitter Lucy. When she goes to claim the critter, Lucy's impressed by his voice and hooks him up with a record company owner. The problem arises in the recording studio; Wayne can't sing unless he's surrounded by his cows and other assorted livestock.moreless
  • 12/13/65
    Lucy brags to Mr. Mooney about how she's going to avoid debt this Christmas by cutting back on gift giving and getting a small tree. That vow lasts until her trip to the the tree lot when she comes back with huge one. She then pitches Mooney on allowing Jerry's boys choir to perform carols in the bank's lobby, just like they did in Danfield. "Scrooge" Mooney gives in and even sings bass for the choir when one of the boys' voice starts to change.moreless
  • 12/6/65
    Uncle Miltie is masquerading as a drunken bum while researching a movie role. He comes into the soup kitchen where Lucy is volunteering and is literally dragged to her house for rehabilitation. Once recognized, he makes up a story about being Berle's down-and-out brother, Arthur. Outraged that Milton would neglect his twin so badly, she infiltrates his next press event and gets revenge.moreless
  • 11/29/65
    Mr. Mooney runs into Lucy and Mary Jane at the racetrack. He asks them to hold onto his tickets while he chats with a friend. In a photo finish, the wrong horse is reported as the winner, leading Lucy to tear up Mooney's tickets. To pay Mooney his winnings, Lucy again becomes stuntman "Iron Man Carmichael" to drum up some cash.moreless
  • Lucy, the Undercover Agent
    Dining with Mr. Mooney after attending a James Bond movie, Lucy and the Countess are convinced the suspicious character at a nearby table is an enemy spy. They set a trap for the operative, unaware he's an Army Intelligence agent who thinks they're spies. Their scheme to meet "Him", the enemy leader, involves Lucy pretending to be Carol Channing.moreless
  • 11/15/65
    Lucy and Mooney visit a construction site where the redhead falls head-over-heels for Frank, owner of a construction company. When he comes over for a date, he's completely exhausted, having worked 48 hours straight. Lucy suggests a nap, which is a bad idea. Because he learned karate in the military, he's in the attack mode when awakened. Lucy becomes trapped on the couch when Frank dozes off on top of her.moreless
  • 11/8/65
    The Countess Framboise now has her real estate license and Mooney's looking for a new place. She doesn't want him to know she's broke and working, so Lucy pulls a scam to get Mooney up to a highrise apartment the countess is selling. It's equipped with ultra-modern devises like a security system that locks the three of them in the apartment for the whole weekend.moreless
  • Lucy Helps Danny Thomas
    Mr. Mooney's new secretary, Lucy, is sent to a television station to deliver some papers. While waiting in the lobby, she's mistaken for one of the new dancers hired for the Danny Thomas TV special. Not about to pass up the opportunity, Lucy forges ahead despite knowing none of the choreography. The rehearsal is disastrous as she goes the wrong way, throws a shoe, and constantly wallops Danny with her prop umbrella.moreless
  • Lucy and the Countess Have a Horse Guest
    Old friend the Countess Framboise, aka Rosie Hannigan, shows up flat broke except for the racehorse her husband left her. Unable to pay the stable bill, Lucy volunteers to keep Oil Well on her patio. Mooney is livid about the scheme until learning that the horse is pregnant. Then he's as excited and proud as a real father, declaring, "I'm going to be a Daddy!"moreless
  • Lucy, the Stunt Man
    Lucy tries to fool Mr. Mooney into advancing her money for a new refrigerator by sabotaging the one she has. Her scheme backfires when he finds her real need for the money: a leopard coat she's lusting over. Conveniently, Lucy's friend Joan is dating a Hollywood stuntman with a bad back. Seeing a chance at a quick $100, Lucy reports to the set in a cowboy costume and mustache as stuntman "Iron Man Carmichael."moreless
  • Lucy and Joan
    Lucy and Joan
    Episode 4
    Lucy's neighbor Joan, an actress, gives her a pair of tickets to a celebrity charity ball. Since Lucy doesn't have a date to escort her to the event, Joan helps her woo handsome Brad Collins who also lives in the complex. The gals stake out the laundry room so Lucy can work her charms on him. She even bakes a cake for his birthday, though it doesn't survive the tumble dry cycle.moreless
  • Lucy in the Music World
    Lucy takes a temp job at a record label to make some extra cash. Her neighbor, songwriter Mel Tinker, has his tune rejected by Lucy's boss because it's not a tear-jerking rock 'n roll song. Mel and Lucy write a new one about a surfer who's eaten by a shark oh his wedding day and (as the Tear Ducts) perform it on the teen music TV show Wing Ding.moreless
  • 9/20/65
    Neighbor Mary Jane Lewis introduces herself and invites Lucy on a double date with her and her boyfriend. Lucy's blind date is a shy, short, nerd with little discernible personality. But during their dinner at a Greek restaurant, the music transforms him into a grabby Lothario who can't stop dancing.
  • Lucy at Marineland
    Episode 1

    Lucy and her son Jerry have moved to Los Angeles to be closer to Chris, who is now in college(it isalso explained that Vivian has re-married back in Danfield). Coincidentally, Mr. Mooney has also relocated and still handles her account. After enrolling Jerry in military school, she and Mr. Mooney take the boy to Marineland to meet his favorite baseball player Jimmy Piersall. Lucy accidentally throws Jerry's autographed baseball into a pool. To get it back, she ends up in the water with the porpoises and seals.