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Season 3 Episode 20

My Fair Lucy

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To get the financing to open a charm school, the Countess seeks to impress the snobbish Mrs. Dunbar and her henpecked husband. Lucy masquerades as a ratty scrub woman whom she molds into a sparkling debutante. Things turn sour at Liza's coming out party when Lucy's allergy to caviar kicks in. On the up side, the mousy husband finally speaks up.
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May 07, 2018
The Lucy Show 3.20 My Fair Lucy has as indicated in the title has Lucy doing a take on My Fair Lady/Pygmalion.
Lucy is a redhead and later on fellow redhead my wife Karen Gillan also did a take on My Fair Lady/Pygmalion in Selfie.

Matthew See
Karen Gillan's Chinese Husband

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