The Lux Video Theatre

CBS (ended 1957)





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  • The Lux Radio Theater ran for 16 years from from 1934-1950 and was followed by the The Lux Video theater, which which ran for 7 years from 1950-1957. This Dramatic Anthology series had the first live series from new york. Lux Video theater moved to LA.

    The first play to be shown live in new york city was Maxwell Anderson's "Saturdays Children"
    starring Joan Caulfield. The series stayed in new york for 3 years and then moved to hollywood.
    Many film and broadway stars were in the series. Veronica Lake, Zachory Scott, Franchot Tone, Celeste Holm, Broderick Crawford and Charleton Heston.
    James Mason, Otto Kruger and Gordon MacRae, hosted the series in 1955. James Arness did "The Chase" in 1954, one year before Gunsmoke and Robert Stack did "Inside Story" before the Untouchables.
    Peter Lorre did his first major tv role called "The Taste" Edward G. Robinson did his tv debut in "Witness for the Prosecution"