The Lux Video Theatre - Season 5

CBS (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • The Eyes Of Father Tomasino
    In this slice of Italian life, a young San Francisco policeman is devastated by the murder of the priest who had raised him. He quits the force to devote all his time to capturing the killer.
  • The Lucky Finger
    The Lucky Finger
    Episode 56
    A poor woman lives with her social-climbing sister-in-law who makes no secret of her dislike of the "low class" relative. Suddenly, the impoverished woman has a run of good luck, netting her more money than she knows what to do with. All of a sudden, the snobby sister-in-law wants to be her new best friend.moreless
  • The Happy Man
    The Happy Man
    Episode 55
    A poor but happy cab driver discovers a $1,000 bill in his taxi and turns it over to the police. This act of honesty leads his wife, friends and relatives to call him a jerk.
  • The Last Confession
    The Last Confession
    Episode 54
    Father Pierre was a condemned man who spent 23 years at the infamous Devil's Island penal camp for a murder he did not commit. Rather than violate the privacy of the confessional and expose the actual murderer, he chose to do the time.
  • June Bride
    June Bride
    Episode 53
    The female editor of a magazine wants to cover a small town wedding for her publication's June edition. This causes the family involved to completely rearrange its plans.
  • Nor All Your Tears
    Nor All Your Tears
    Episode 52
    In this tearjerker, a woman on parole marries a blind war vet to avoid the police. When surgery restores his eyesight, she leaves him.
  • Perilous Deception
    Perilous Deception
    Episode 51
    Vera has long had a crush on Joe, the husband of her best friend. When the couple go off on a trip, only Joe returns, saying his wife had died suddenly of a heart attack. A little snooping leads Vera to realize Joe isn't the sweet man she had thought.
  • The Nine-Penny Dream
    The owner of a small British pub is an unhappy henpecked husband. For years, he's been playing the weekly penny pool, hoping to win the 10,000-pound jackpot. When he's notified that he's won the cash, he's emboldened to take over as master of his home.
  • The Bride Came C.O.D.
    A wealthy oil heiress tries to elope in this comic farce. A gossip columnist urges the woman to catch a plane with her bandleader boyfriend and give her the exclusive story. The woman's father hears about the elopement plan and is determined to put an end to to it. He arranges with the pilot to make an "emergency" landing of their flight in a deserted mining town.moreless
  • Desparate Glory
    Desparate Glory
    Episode 48
    Fired up by Communist propaganda, a little girl finds the radio transmitter operated by her grandfather in this story of resistance behind the Iron Curtain.
  • Dark Tribute
    Dark Tribute
    Episode 47
    Three men try to outwit one another in an attempt to take all the money they stole in a robbery. When one is charged with murdering a girl, another pops up with vital information on the crime and the third man offers eyewitness testimony.
  • The Creaking Gate
    The Creaking Gate
    Episode 46
    Even though he's been cleared of murdering his wife, the cloud of suspision continues to linger around a scientist.
  • Last Year's Snow
    Last Year's Snow
    Episode 45
    Lux begins its summer episodes, presenting scripts that are being considered to be made into films. In this episode, a murder is committed in a backwoods hunting lodge near the Canadian border. Four men and a woman are the key suspects in the crime.
  • Forever Female
    Forever Female
    Episode 44
    In the season finale, an actress is a little to old to play the inguenue role written for her by an admiring playwright. In this comedy, a younger actress knows this and campaigns for the part.
  • The Inside Story
    The Inside Story
    Episode 43
    In this comic episode set in depression-era 1933, a thousand dollar bill has a major effect on residents of a small New England town. Among those feeling its power: a young couple, a grocer, a hotel owner and his clerk, and a traveling salesman.
  • Lightning Strikes Twice
    Vacationing at a dude ranch out West, a woman falls in love with one of the cowboys. The man, however has a history. Though he was acquitted of killing his wife, many locals still think he's guilty of the murder.
  • The Suspect
    The Suspect
    Episode 41
    At long last, a middle-aged man finally finds love. After waiting so long, he has no intention of losing it. Feeling his relationship is being threatened, he kills, believing he's committed the "perfect murder".
  • Thunder On The Hill
    Thunder On The Hill
    Episode 40
    British police travel to a convent to arrest a young woman who's taken refuge at the nunnery. She's charged with the murder of her no-good brother, but one nun thinks she's innocent and does some amateur detective work of her own.
  • Make Way For Tomorrow
    Married for 50 years, the Cooper's face homelessness when the bank forcloses on their home. They turn to their five children for help, but the solution could spell the breakup of their marriage.
  • Eight Iron Men
    Eight Iron Men
    Episode 38
    During World War II, eight infantry men are forced into the bombed-out ruin of a home by enemy fire. One of the soldiers on a reconnaissance mission to find the source of fire becomes trapped in a shell hole. His buddies ignore orders to leave him behind and risk their lives to rescue him back to safety.moreless
  • Remember The Night
    Remember The Night
    Episode 37
    A shoplifting woman, out on bail at Christmas, hitches a ride with the prosecuting attorney to Indiana. By the time they return, they are in love each other. Nevertheless, the lawyer upholds his professional obligation and prosecutes the case as he would any other.
  • The Great McGinty
    The Great McGinty
    Episode 36
    Brian Donlevy re-creates his famous film role as Dan McGinty, a bum who impresses the local political boss and ends up elected to various political offices.
  • An Act Of Murder
    An Act Of Murder
    Episode 35
    With his wife facing certain death from a disease, a judge plans to die with her and plans a car accident. She dies but he lives and is charged with murder. A young attorney who loves the couple's daughter discovers information that changes the course of the ensuing trial.
  • No Sad Songs For Me
    No Sad Songs For Me
    Episode 34
    A woman carrying her second child learns she has just months to live. She's determined to spend her remaining time helping her child and husband to accept her imminent passing. She goes as far as to find a future wife for her husband.
  • The Browning Version
    A stuffy teacher at a boys' school is laughed at by his students and held in contempt by his wife. Worn out from his wife's disinterest and his heart problems, he loses his position. Meahwhile, his wife is enthralled with a younger teacher on the faculty.
  • My Name Is Julia Ross
    A young woman takes a job as a secretary to a rich British matron and her son. She awakens to find herself kidnapped and held prisoner by the two in an old mansion on the coast. What's more, the servants have all been told that she's the son's insane wife.
  • Shadow Of A Doubt
    Shadow Of A Doubt
    Episode 31
    In this thriller, an unexpected visit from a long absent uncle delights his young niece. When he gives her a ring, she's frightened by the initials carved into it; they belong to a recently murdered woman. A reporter helps uncover the uncle's secret past and this marks the young woman for murder.moreless
  • It Grows On Trees
    It Grows On Trees
    Episode 30
    Money really does grow on trees, at least in this comic episode. A young couple overwhelmed by bills discover that two trees in their backyard are sprouting genuine cash.
  • The Life Of Emile Zola
    In this biography of the famous writer, Zola takes up the case of a French army officer who was convicted of treason and sent to Devil's Island. It's clear to Zola that the man was innocent and he exposes the subsequent cover-up by the military.
  • Casablanca
    Episode 28
    A nightclub owner and his former lover meet again at his club in Casablanca, joined by the leader of the World War II underground movement.
  • So Dark The Night
    So Dark The Night
    Episode 27
    While on vacation in a French village, a Paris detective falls for a local woman who's already engaged to a farmer. In short order, the woman and her fiance are murdered.
  • The Copperhead
    The Copperhead
    Episode 26
    During the Civil War, a Northerner's wife leaves him and his son labels him a traitor when he joins "The Copperheads", a group of Northerners who sympathize with the South. He refuses to fight against them but his son enlists and is killed in battle. It's not until years later that his real reasons are revealed.moreless
  • A Bell For Adano
    A Bell For Adano
    Episode 25
    During World War II, the American officer in charge of a Sicilian village overcomes the suspicion of the locals when he acquires a new bell for town hall.
  • One Foot In Heaven
    One Foot In Heaven
    Episode 24
    A small town minister and his wife sacrifice to meet the increasing responsibilities that come with their growing church.
  • So Evil My Love
    So Evil My Love
    Episode 23
    The widow of a missionary falls in love with a man she meets on board a ship and becomes his victim. Also, the winner of the 16th annual "Redbook Awards" is announced.
  • Love Letters
    Love Letters
    Episode 22
    A soldier asks a buddy to pen love letters on his behalf for a girl back home. Upon returning to the states, the soldier and the young woman marry. When he eventually confesses that his love letters were ghost written, the wife is extremely upset. Their resulting squabble ends with her husband stabbed to death. After serving a prison sentence for manslaughter, she finally meets the man who composed the romantic corespondence.moreless
  • Penny Serenade
    Penny Serenade
    Episode 21
    The highlights of a couple's long marriage is told in flashbacks as the wife becomes nostalgic while playing old records. The pair had lived in Japan where the husband was a newspaper correspondent.
  • Sunset Boulevard
    Sunset Boulevard
    Episode 20
    A silent film star lives in her mansion, unaware that her fame has faded and the public has forgotten her. Into her world moves an opportunistic writer who uses her as his meal ticket.
  • The Chase
    The Chase
    Episode 19
    A sadistic, controlling man dominates everyone within his circle. The chauffeur helps the man's wife escape his strangling grasp, teaching the husband a lesson about loyalty.
  • September Affair
    September Affair
    Episode 18
    Two Americans, a concert pianist and an engineer, meet on a flight from Rome to the U.S. After their plane crashes into the Atlantic, the pair are among the passengers listed as dead. They survive, decide to "play dead" and fall in love on the Isle of Capri.
  • Double Indemnity
    Double Indemnity
    Episode 17
    An insurance salesman falls in love with a married woman. She purchases a double indemnity policy on her husband and offers the agent a cut of the payoff if he helps dispose of the spouse.
  • Ladies In Retirement
    A retired actress is visited by her companion's two deranged, older sisters. Its not long before the actress regrets allowing the loonies into her home as murder and blackmail soon follow.
  • Craig's Wife
    Craig's Wife
    Episode 15
    A beautiful wife's psychopatic obsession with keeping her house immaculately clean is tolerated by her husband. He endures this as long as he can, but finally has enough and conflict follow.
  • A Medal For Benny
    A Medal For Benny
    Episode 14
    Charlie Martin's late son is presented with the Congressional Medal of Honor. The father is incensed when the town celebrates the young man who, when he was alive, was snubbed by the community.
  • Captive City
    Captive City
    Episode 13
    A newspaper reporter begins to suspect that a detective had been murdered by mobsters. The police seem unable to come up with answers so he starts nosing around and discovers that widespread corruption exists among city officials.
  • Five-Star Final
    Five-Star Final
    Episode 12
    An unhappy newspaper editor is forced by his bosses to engage in "yellow journalism" to keep the paper's circulation high. This sort of sleazy journalism goes against his beliefs of what the press should be.
  • Imperfect Lady
    Imperfect Lady
    Episode 11
    A showgirl marries into a socially and politically prominent family. She doesn't want to disrupt her husband's career plans but might by trying to save a man's life.
  • September Tide
    September Tide
    Episode 10
    An attractive widow living in England has fallen in love with her son-in-law. She's willing to marry another man whom she doesn't love if it will bring happiness to her daughter.
  • An Angel Went AWOL
    An Angel Went AWOL
    Episode 9
    In this romantic fantasy, a struggling young actor figures out that his recent success is because of his wife. She is, quite literaly, his guardian angel.
  • A Visit From Evelyn
    A woman who has since become a sucessful novelist returns to her alma mater to deliver a lecture. She encounters a widow who has maintained a hatred for her over the years because of her one-time interest in her late husband. Flame is added to the fire as the bitter woman learns that her son may be studying writing with the visiting author.moreless
  • The Mansion
    The Mansion
    Episode 7
    A young man who's part of an old Southern family is determined to cling to the traditional ways and ignore the modern world. Things become more complicated when he falls for a woman from the North.
  • Meet Jo Cathart
    Meet Jo Cathart
    Episode 6
    A beautiful woman with physical disabilities lives her life by proxy through her brother. She begins to neglect her husband and children in the extensive attention she pays to her brother's theatrical career and her mothering of young performers.
  • The Heiress
    The Heiress
    Episode 5
    A New York woman begins to question the intentions of the young man courting her. After her wealthy and bitter father is through interfering, she begins to worry that he's only after her money.
  • Hold Back The Dawn
    Hold Back The Dawn
    Episode 4
    A rogue living illegally in a Mexican border town talks an American teacher into marrying him so he can become a U.S. citizen. Over time, he finds himself falling in love with her.
  • Christmas In July
    Christmas In July
    Episode 3
    An office joke leads to complications when its receipient thinks he's won $50,000 in a slogan contest.
  • Welcome, Stranger
    Welcome, Stranger
    Episode 2
    A small town physician who's going on vacation is unconvinced that the young doctor filling in for him is up for the job. He changes his mind after the young man comes through for him in a pinch.
  • To Each His Own
    To Each His Own
    Episode 1
    In war-torn London during WWII, a woman is reunited with the son she had put up for adoption years earlier. In flashbacks, we learn the child is the result of an ill-fated affair, and her previous efforts to reclaim the boy had failed. James Mason chats with Alfred Hitchcock who shows clips from his new movie Rear Window.moreless