The Lux Video Theatre - Season 7

CBS (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • The Last Act
    The Last Act
    Episode 49
    An aging, domineering actress believes she has the right to control everyone around her--including family. She wants to disinherit her grandson and keep him away from the young French woman he loves.
  • Old Witch, Old Witch
    A woman discovers that she possesses strange occult powers becomes vengeful towards her neighbors and a witch to local children. Her enterprising son plots to use his mother's powers for his personal gain.
  • Diagnosis -- Homicide
    A rich old lady has been murdered and the vague clues are a blood-stained envelope, a toothpick, and a dead mosquito.
  • Judge Not
    Judge Not
    Episode 46
    A famed British barrister agrees to represent the man charged with a crime--a crime that he. himself, committed.
  • Barren Harvest
    Barren Harvest
    Episode 45
    A greedy law office clerk plots to kill his boss for his personal gain. Together with the man's housekeeper, the pair pin the crime on the dead man's nephew. The treacherous duo believe they've staged the "perfect" murder.
  • Dark Hammock
    Dark Hammock
    Episode 44
    Dr. McDavid and her assistant are in Florida working on a wildlife survey. They spend a night on a cattle ranch owned by a sickly old man. It's obvious to both women that his young wife does not appreciate them staying in her home. Dr. McDavid is suspicious, sensing that a murder plot is underway.moreless
  • High Tension
    High Tension
    Episode 43
    Hayden Strathmore is fighting for the future of his company. Two adversaries are determined to gain control of the company and unseat him as president. Strathmore walks into a special board meeting and soon realizes the meeting is rigged. He's saved by an act of nature: a tornado hits.
  • Summer Return
    Summer Return
    Episode 42
    Famous pianist Stephen Linder, on a concert tour, finds his train stopping in Hill City, Alabama, the hometown he left 30 years earlier. It causes him to reflects back on the events of his youth (dating a scandalous but gorgeous girl, arguing with parents who did not understand his desire to become a musician) and the dreams he had for adulthood. Stephen discovers a new path to fulfilling those goals.moreless
  • The Softest Music
    The Softest Music
    Episode 41
    A successful and married TV producer becomes infatuated with a young woman, falling madly in love. Soon, he's about to lose his marriage and police have implicated him a murder.
  • Who is Piscasso?
    Who is Piscasso?
    Episode 40
    Alice, a working girl, marries a prominent young executive, Larry. She tries desperately to fit into the "executive wife" mold, but doesn't make the transition well. Larry becomes frustrated with her lack of social graces and their marriage becomes strained. It reaches the breaking point during a party at his boss's house. While discussing art, she admits she's never heard of Pablo Picasso.moreless
  • The Latch Key
    The Latch Key
    Episode 39
    A school teacher and the married man she's been seeing are among the passengers burned beyond recognition in a bus crash. They only clue to their identities is a scorched key found in the debris.
  • Edge of Doubt
    Edge of Doubt
    Episode 38
    A woman tells her husband that she got blood in her car after hitting a dog. Police examination reveals it to be human blood--the same type as her ex-boyfriend who was found murdered the night before.
  • Design for November
    Design for November
    Episode 37
    The wife of a small town college professor want to make sure her husband gets a promotion. She pleads with the man who got the position to relinquish it to her husband. When this fails, she turns to blackmail and murder.
  • Payment in Kind
    Payment in Kind
    Episode 36
    A scheming woman is determined that her family rule the small New Mexico town where they live. Her unbridled desire for control drives at least one family member to insanity.
  • Paris Calling
    Paris Calling
    Episode 35
    During the Nazi occupation of World War II, members of the French Underground are endangered because of an act of kindness by one of its members.
  • The Armed Venus
    The Armed Venus
    Episode 34
    A man becomes suspicious of the young woman he's fallen in love with. He wonders if she's the sweet person she seems on the surface, of if she's actually a cunning, evil murderer. The episode climaxes with a dramatic swimming pool sequence presented live.
  • Death Do Us Part
    Death Do Us Part
    Episode 33
    A cad is murdered; his wife's alibi is that she was in an alcoholic stupor. During his search for a killer, a young detective's zeal almost leads to a grave miscarriage of justice.
  • Stand-In for Murder
    Stand-In for Murder
    Episode 32
    A young nightclub musician believes he will die soon of an incurable disease. Seeking to insure his family's financial security, he makes an unusual sacrifice. That gesture leads him on a hunt for a killer who's identity would give him a new lease on life.
  • The Man Who Played God
    The trauma of losing his hearing turns a world famous pianist into a bitter atheist. He even begins thinking that his young protege, who had professed her love for him, was sticking around only out of pity. His newly-learned skill of reading lips lets the musician rediscovers his love of life.moreless
  • The Taggart Light
    The Taggart Light
    Episode 30
    A small island off the coast of Nova Scotia is home to a lighthouse, and a religious fanatic and his frightened family. With deep-seated hatred, the demented lighthouse keeper forbids his family members from leaving their isolated home. Deep seated anger finally erupts and someone is murdered.
  • A House of His Own
    A House of His Own
    Episode 29
    In this live restaging, Vincent Giel is up for parole after serving 36 years for killing three boys in a fraternity hazing. He faces a tough parole board and a public that wants him to stay behind bars.
  • Adam Had Four Sons
    Adam Had Four Sons
    Episode 28
    The relationship between a father, his four sons and their devoted governess become strained to the breaking point. The cause of the discord is a deceitful woman, the wife of one of the sons.
  • The Black Angel
    The Black Angel
    Episode 27
    A boozy piano player from a neighborhood bar and the wife of an accused murderer play detective to clear her spouse of the crime. The woman's husband had visited the hotel room of an attractive young woman, only to find her dead upon his arrival. It turns out the girl was also being blackmailed.moreless
  • The Great Lie
    The Great Lie
    Episode 26
    Sandra remarries before her divorce is finalized, rendering her new union null and void. After having seen how selfishly she treats her co-workers, the second husband is happy to have slipped out the noose. He goes on to marry his true love, a childhood sweetheart.
  • Eileen
    Episode 25
    A handsome Irish soldier risks his safety for the love of a beautiful woman in this staging of the Victor Herbert musical. Set during 1789, the Irish rebels easily defeat their bumbling British foes. Songs include "Thine Alone".
  • One Way Passage
    One Way Passage
    Episode 24
    Love comes to a tragic couple who meet aboard a ship. The man, a convicted murderer, is returning to the United State for face is fate: hanging. The woman has a bad heart and knows she hasn't long to live. Nevertheless, they agree to meet again in Mexico on New Year's Eve.moreless
  • Possessed
    Episode 23
    A nurse who attends a wealthy invalid woman collapses on the street and is rushed to a hospital. There, under the influence of narcotics, reveals details of her unhappy life which include murder.
  • One Way Street
    One Way Street
    Episode 22
    A surgeon double-crosses his gangster boss and steals the $2 million they got in a bank robbery. He flees to a small Mexican town with the thug's girlfriend. Despite their idyllic life, the doc constantly worries about his ex-boss finding them. To clear his conscience, he decides to head back to Los Angeles, face the man and return the $2 million.moreless
  • Dark Victory
    Dark Victory
    Episode 21
    Judith, a vibrant young woman, is thrown by a horse and appears to suffer a nervous breakdown. A brain tumor is discovered and handsome surgeon Dr. Steele operates. The surgery seems to cure her symptoms but, in reality, she has just six months to live. Learning the diagnosis, she and doctor, with whom she's fallen in love, embark on experiencing life to its fullest.moreless
  • The Undesirable
    The Undesirable
    Episode 20
    Coral, a cabaret singer on the South Seas island of Oraka, is labeled "undesirable" by the local police. Men, however, heartily disagree. She meets and falls in love with a former a rubber company employee on the island.
  • One Sunday Afternoon
    Dentist Biff Grimes is has the sudden desire to kill Hugo Barnstead. Years earlier, Barnstead had stolen his girlfriend and framed him for a crime which sent him to jail. When Hugo comes into his office for an extraction, the doctor wants to even the score.
  • Vice Squad
    Vice Squad
    Episode 18
    During a day at a police station, the cop in charge has to deal with a parade of humanity. He has to contend with a crooked lawyer, a bank hold-up, a phony European count, and a murder.
  • To Have and Have Not
    The captain of a small charter cruiser on the island of Martinique meets and falls for an American woman. He ends up joining the Free French movement during World War II.
  • Just Across the Street
    A young woman poses as a society socialite and gets a job as a plumber's helper, all in an effort to help support her father.
  • It Happened on Fifth Avenue
    Lovable hobo Aloysius T. McKeever decides to spend winter in the empty O'Connor mansion on Fifth Avenue and invites evicted ex-soldier Jim Bullock to join him. The 18-year old O'Connor daughter runs away from school to "hide out" in the mansion. Sparks fly between the daughter and soldier and McKeever fans the romantic fire.moreless
  • Michael and Mary
    Michael and Mary
    Episode 14
    Set during Victorian times, a woman remarries after having been deserted by her husband several years earlier. That's when the first husband shows up and blackmails her with the secret of her bigamy.
  • Hollywood Musical Holiday Revue
    In this change of pace saluting hit songs from the movies, Gordon McRae welcomes Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald, Shirley Jones, Jack Cassidy and Phil Harris. Songs include "Will You Remember?", "Balalaka" and "I Marred an Angel" (by Eddy and McDonald); "Rock Around the Clock" (from McRae and Harris); "Love Me Tender"; "White Christmas"; "Broadway Melody"; and "Dancing in the Dark."moreless
  • Chistmas in Connecticut
    In this farce, a woman poses as a Connecticut matron--complete with imaginary husband, child, and farm--to write a magazine column. Her ruse is eventually discovered, but an unexpected visit from a sailor provides a happy romantic ending.
  • Old Acquaintance
    Old Acquaintance
    Episode 11
    Two successful women who have been friends since childhood. Kit has become a successful novelist; the other a housewife. Conflict arises when one accuses the other of conducting an affair with her husband.
  • The Gay Sisters
    The Gay Sisters
    Episode 10
    Fiona Gaylord becomes head of the family following the death of her parents. With her two sisters, she tries to hold onto their rapidly and mysteriously shrinking estate. Fiona realizes she must confront the man responsible for their diminishing fortune: her ex-husband who instigated legal manipulations as revenge.
  • The Glass Web
    The Glass Web
    Episode 9
    An ice-cold TV actress who was cheating her way to the top ends up dead. One of the top writers involved in her web becomes a suspect in this behind-the-scenes thriller.
  • Jezebel
    Episode 8
    Julie, a strong-willed Southern belle, flaunts convention at every opportunity. After a fight, he boyfriend leaves and head up north. She's sure he will return, and he does--after a year, and with a wife. When Julie's love is felled by yellow fever, she ignores the man's wife's and takes care of him herself. The wife quickly realizes she stands no chance against Julie.moreless
  • You Can't Escape Forever
    After being scooped on a big crime story, a crusading newspaper reporter is demoted to writing the "advice to the lovelorn" column. His "punishment" unexpectedly gives him a lead on a major underworld racket and soon he's back on the crime-busting trail.
  • Because of You
    Because of You
    Episode 6
    A wife and mother's current happiness is threatened when a jail sentence in her past is exposed. Her husband divorces her and gets custody of their child.
  • Flamingo Road
    Flamingo Road
    Episode 5
    A former circus entertainer is seeing two men, both powerful political figure. When she's jilted by the one she loves, she marries the other to get revenge. She's then embroiled in a political fight.
  • The Guilty
    The Guilty
    Episode 4
    An innocent man is almost convicted by circumstantial evidence of murdering a young woman.
  • Now Voyager
    Now Voyager
    Episode 3
    A woman who suffered a miserable childhood is almost at her breaking point. He finally is able to finds happiness through a compassionate psychiatrist. An unexpected event, however, almost destroys her progress.
  • Only Yesterday
    Only Yesterday
    Episode 2
    What for a departing soldier is just a brief fling is true love for the woman remaining behind. After keeping the flame burning while he's away at war, she's crushed when, upon returning, he claims not to even recognize her.
  • Mildred Pierce
    Mildred Pierce
    Episode 1
    In the season premiere, cash-strapped Mildred Pierce contends with an ungrateful, self-centered daughter who craves nothing but wealth. To please her daughter, Mildred agrees to marry a rich man but matters become complicated when she finds him murdered.