The Lying Game

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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1

      Emma is framed for stealing money from her foster mother by her foster brother and runs away to her twin, Sutton's. This is their first time meeting and Sutton asks Emma to trade places with her while she goes off to find their real parents. Emma accepts and now must take on the role of Sutton for two days.

    • Being Sutton
      Episode 2

      Emma is afraid something bad has happened to Sutton and Sutton's friends and family start to get suspicious.

    • Double Dibs
      Episode 3

      The Mercer family has a special guest at their dinner table, Ethan. Meanwhile, Sutton finds some surprising information in L.A. Also, Laurel and Char like the same guy.

    • 9/5/11

      Sutton and Emma soon find they have had the same dreams and similar childhood experiences.

    • Over Exposed
      Episode 5

      Emma is forced to go up against Neesha for Homecoming queen which causes problems with her and Sutton. Sutton and Emma both try to find more info on their mom while Alec and Ted try to hide it.

    • 9/19/11

      Sutton is furious when she learns that Emma and Ethan kissed. Sutton and Emma continue to find more info about their mom. Meanwhile, Laurel becomes suspicious when Justin keeps breaking dates. Also, Mads learns Edwardo is moving and Char goes on a date with a boy she found in her pool.

    • 9/26/11
      Mads, Char and Emma as Sutton visit Eduardo in the ICU. Sutton and Thayer have a fight. Then, Thayer returns to town while Sutton is looking for her mother.
    • 10/3/11

      While Sutton is in prison under her sister's identity, Emma is having trouble with Travis. But with the Mercer's out of town, Laurel and Emma as Sutton are having their circle of friends at their house.

    • 10/10/11

      Emma tries to get Ted and Kristin to open up about the past when she overhears them fighting. Elsewhere, Sutton gains insight into Emma's former life while pretending to be her in Las Vegas.

    • East of Emma
      Episode 10
      On their seventeenth birthday Sutton returns to Phoenix to reclaim her life while Emma debates telling the Mercers about her true identity.
    • 1/2/12

      It's been one hard night for Emma and Ethan, and things get harder when they find out that Sutton disappeared right after the fight and that one of the Mercers cars is missing. The police find the car at the bottom of the lake. Meanwhile Rebacca "Annie" is back in the city and Char is the only one that seems happy about it.

    • 1/9/12

      With Sutton still missing, Emma feels on the edge. Then a note comes for Emma via Suttons signature making her feel more so. Emma (as Sutton) goes accepts invite to The Univerty of Texas tennis program, much to Teds surprise. Emma feels like Sutton maybe gone for good. Meanwhile Phyllis (Chars mom) has a drinking episode.

    • Pleased to Meet Me
      Episode 13

      Ethan, Emma, and Thayer follow a lead to Suttons dispearance. Meanwhile Laurel wows a crowds at a charity benefit.

    • Emma is left outside looking in on the night of the county club's ball.

    • Dead Man Talking
      Episode 15

      Ethan gets into trouble when he seeks information about a tattoo. Laurel ignores her parents' wishes and continues to see Justin.

    • 2/6/12

      Family tensions arise when Ethan travels to his father's home to hide from the police. Emma must lie in the aftermath of Ethan's crime.

    • 2/13/12

      Sutton encourages Ethan to bond with his estranged father, while Emma works to prove his innocence. Rebecca offers Laurel the chance to produce a music demo.

    • 2/20/12

      Ethan's friends attempt to prove his innocence after he is arrested for murder.

    • 2/27/12

      Ethan avoids Emma as she seeks to learn what really happened on the reservation. Thayer begins to doubt Alec's alibi. Kristin grows suspicious of Ted's story about Justin's mother.

    • Unholy Matrimony
      Episode 20

      An unexpected engagement and quickly planned wedding arouses suspicions. Sutton wants Emma to show Kristin what they found in Rebecca's home.

  • Season 2