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    They mentioned Indio which implies it's only 4 hours away from Scottsdale and since they broke down in California, they're at most 90 mins away from their destination. Interstate 10 is the only reasonable road to take, so how did they wind up on a road where there is no car passing in 10 minutes?

    A motel costs money. It would make more sense to get towed all the way to the destination so the van could be repaired while they are enjoying the event.

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    in canada, if you run out of gas and call the tow truck simply to bring a can of gasoline, you're looking at hundreds of dollars, simply for his time, let alone any actual service.

    i firmly believe it would be cheaper to rent the motel than to get towed literally anywhere. especially with all the band members and their gear.

    my question, at the time, was why didn't they call the promoters of coachella (if that is a place rather than the name of the festival, i have never heard of either, so you'll have to forgive me), but whomever it was that booked them would likely be FAR more willing to drive and pick them and their gear up for the concert.. it behooves them more to send a car to pick up an act than it does simply to take a phone call where they say "sorry, van broke down, we can't make it"-- especially if it was indeed only a ninety minute (or even ninety mile) ride away.

    but what i don't understand is that that seems to have been the last of laurel and "baz" being a couple.. he was obviously interested, and laurel for all intents and purposes broke up with Justin so she could open that particular door.. and yet, nothing ever happened. It seemed more important for her to be available for Jordan to kind of maybe vaguely on behalf of Rebecca seduce her.

    I was SO happy for laurel when she got Justin- especially when emma, in the role of Sutton, gave him their address so he could go speak with her and ask her out.. I hated him ever having ulterior motives, it is nice when simply there are honest relationships.. not EVERY relationship needs to be lies and deceit, and deceit and lies. sometimes can't people simply be happy?

    i really hope they finish off season two.. ten more episodes, then renew for season three.. the show i watched all in like two days.. and i'm heartbroken, i actually yearn to see more of it

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