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I'd be lying if I said I didn't...

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    [1]Jan 3, 2012
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    Alright, what on Earth am I doing watching this show?

    I noticed it here on and read the plot, and got interested, so I decided to give it a try despite me not at all being into these kind of shows which they are targeted for. I'm into shows like Battlestar Galactica, Homeland and Dexter.

    But, I must admit, The Lying Game is my guilty pleasure currently. There's just something easing and enjoying about this show and there's just something about "switching places" stories that intrigues me, some poor kid with nothing that gets to become some rich kid with everything. Almost like that classic movie of a beggar boy that swaps with a prince, can't remember its name.

    It's a good show, hope it continues and doesn't "lose" its audience Lost-style. My worry is that the story is naturally limited to just 1 or 2 seasons, people are not interested in watching some secret drama continue forever. Somehow they have to make the story continue beyond that, and I don't see any way of doing that. Now when Sutton was coming home, and then vanish, I do wonder how much longer they can keep up that charade.

    I also am a bit confused and worried about the involvement of Suttons father and god father. If they are bad that's really bad for the show, because we all want happy endings don't we? And I can't imagine this show having a bad ending. So, they must be good, but that hasn't been shown yet, and there are some other evil people out there.

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    Imo, every good show needs a villain. It wouldn't be interesting if it was just happy endings everywhere you look. Ted might be shades of grey but Alek is definitely a bad guy.
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    For some reason, when I think about this show will end one of the very last scenes will be with Ted in a Hosiptal bed and telling Emma(and knowing wh it is)the truth about what happened. I wonder why I think that.........

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