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Is it just me or is Emma getting more and more bitchy

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    I don't know if anyone else feels the same, but I seriously can't stand Emma. I know that everyone thinks that she's the better of the twins but has anyone actually thought that Emma is basically trying to get rid of Sutton so that she can have her life? I mean seriously.

    I read the first book in the book series and in it, Emma was accidentally mistaken as Sutton and so she assumes her life but in the show, everyone makes in look like Emma should just take over Sutton's life and that Sutton should be gone, like far far away.

    Please just give Sutton back her life. It is after all hers and Emma was just supposed to switched for a couple of days. I kinda pity Sutton cause it feels like she's losing her family, her friends, her boyfriend and her identity just cause of Emma and Emma doesn't seem to understand it cause Emma and everyone else just thinks that Sutton is always up to no good and therefore, Emma isn't willing to switch back and just be the girl from Vegas.

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