The Lying Game

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2011 on ABC Family

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  • I was wondering how?

    I was wondering how do you watch the episode
  • how do you watch it?

    how do you watch it?
  • How do you watch it?

    How do you watch it?
  • I loved this episode!


    I tried to watch this when it first came out, but for some reason I got bored. Now that i think about it, if I had watch like 15 more minutes, I would have been hooked then. But, I thought it wasn't good, so i quit. Around when the 5 episode came out, I gave this seris another try and pretty soon got hooked! This episode is not the worse nor the best in the season so far.

  • So Pretty Little Liarsmeets Switched at Birth meets...Ringer? meets The O. Cmeets... just about anything.


    Sharing its creator with Pretty Little Liars everyone expected ABC Family's new drama to have more than a few similarities with a show centred on pretty girls lying. Well, we're in luck! The Lying Game not only shares similarities with its 'big sister' but with several other teenaged dramas as well, and not to mention the yet-to-be-seen Ringer. Instead of the basic Switched at Birth plot, the Lying Game decided to mix things up and go with the 'separated at birth' angle, however, they managed to keep the 'I'm the lucky rich sister, I'm the unlucky poor sister' plotline intact and even managed to snag an SaB actor for the cast. Thank goodness for that. The plot also bears resemblance to CW's new show Ringer (also staring identical twins 'cause audiences NEVER get tired of that). Another teenaged drama invested in The Lying Game is the O.C (if anyone remembers that show) not only because one twin hops a bus to L.A about ten minutes into the episode but also because that Sutton/Emma (I can never tell those two apart) looks like a mini Mischa Barton – or maybe that's just me. Honestly, not a bad pilot, I mean who wants to channel surf when they can find bits and pieces of almost everything in one place?

  • I cannot tell a lie, for ABC Family standards, this episode was not half bad.


    For a pilot, the episode did it's job. I'm thankful all the charcters and the story line wereintroduced right off the bat. I wasn't endelssly wating for anyone to explain what was going on. BAM you knew right away who was who and what everyone was up to(**SPOILER except for Sutton's "realboyfriend" but that was pretty easy to figure out, at least for me) . I like it when a show is very clear cut whenintroducingthe major plot line. That is not to say that thereweren't anymysteriousaspects in the episode, (**spoilers) such as why did Sutton's parents only adopt Sutton? Who broke into Sutton's room? Whathappenedto Sutton? Who did she meet? What is Suttonsrelationship with her BBF's brother? and who names their daughter Char (Sutton'sblondefriend)?? Yet even with all the mystery the show is not exactly anoriginalconcept. And many parts of the episode werepredicable. Granted, I am a jaded TV junkie so maybe I've just seen too many shows likethisbut I remain hopeful that as the season progresses we will see some more unique andexcitingdevelopments.

    I must give props to the cast members. There is not a bad actor in the bunch, they are allrelativelydecent. Or at least I don't cringe when anyone comes on screen. Overall, the pilotsucceeded inpeaking myinterestandi will be returning to my couch nextMonday to see the show unfold.