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  • Crazy awesome

    Love it.
  • Why stop now

    Why in the world did this show get cancelled at this point and leave us with this huge cliffhanger!!!

    Thayer????? Really???????? I did not see that coming...

    I really hope any network will pick this up and continue...

    Great show
  • the lying game

    The show is so good i hope they continue n make another season. Hope ABC don't listen to bad comment but see the good.
  • the lying games

    I am a huge fan of the lying games its amazing and ABC cancelling it was stupid, its the best series that ever happened to thm and i would lyk them to reconsider and to renew it
  • Bring it back

    This was such a great show, it kept me on the edge of my seat ! Please bring it back ABC!
  • Bring back The Lying Game !

    Such a great show ! How dare you leave us hanging like that. All about the $$ eh. WHAT ABOUT THE FANS ?! At least give us a conclusion !!!

    There are not many series on TV that I enjoy anymore, but The Lying Game really kept my attention. After each episode I could hardly wait for the next one. There were so many twists and turns through the show which was cool and kept it interesting. You started a new one on the last show and now we will never know where that one was going. It is bad enough that you stopped the show with no conclusion to the original plot. Who is the IDIOT who decided to cancel the show. That person, and all who agreed to it, should be fired, or do the viewers not matter to you anymore. I don't plan on watching any ABC Family shows again. You guys are just mean. If you bring the show back and at least give it a conclusion I might forgive you. If not I never will.
  • I really really hate you ABC for cancelling this series.

    I really really hate you ABC for cancelling this series.
  • Bring the lying game back plz

    I loved this show. I think this show had great potential. They had gd looking characters, mystery, it was intense at times . What more can u want . I think abc family made a mistake. I was mostly all your tv shows & I think given this 1 1 more season could have helped. 2nd season of switched at birth was boring & didn't quit keep my attention. But I'm still gonna give it a chance. It should be more about your fans. Keep us happy. Screw the ratings for now
  • how to watch

    how do you watch in this site?
  • Brilliant

    Was a great show, loved every minute of it, and had a lot of potential to go further. I don't understand why it would have been cancelled, the ratings weren't that bad compared to some others.
  • Cont. The show

    I was really looking foward to season 3 I absolutely love this show &&& think it should be continued!!!!
  • Please Return the show

    please restart the lying game it was one of the best :)
  • ABC......... BAD MOVE !!

    I am so upset that ABC canned this show. One of the very few I enjoyed watching. Please advise me of it's return if and or when it does. Such a shame.
  • LOVE!

    LOVE this Show!
  • can you make more recaps?

    get started on recaps for season 1 and season 2 please

    i LOVE this show!!! always on edge at the end of episode wanting the next one!!!!! if the end this program ill seriously not be HAPPY!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW. RE-NEW it for season THREE!!!
  • Im Hooked!

    The Lying Game has to be one of the most watched shows here in The Cook Islands. Absolutely LOVE this show! 10 million thumbs up! We were literally on the edge of our seats with the season 2 finally! We want more! When will we get to watch more? Awesome awesome show!

    The lying game is one of the best tv seasons to come on to our telle's!!!

    please renew!!

    I Really really enjoy watching this show I PVR every episode to be sure not to miss a single episode, then watch the over and over to see what i missed. With so many good shows being cancelled please dont let The Lying Game be yet another great show that still has so much story left to tell, end up being the next cancellation.
  • Season 2 only 10 episodes?? why?????

    Not your usual show! Totally enjoy watching this but why is season 2 only comprised of 10 episodes then we have to wait till next year for Season 3? Crappy shows even have more episodes than The Lying Game!
  • TeamLyingGame

    Season 2 Spring finale was jaw dropping it was awesome!!!

    But the show must go on season 3!?!

    Good show!
  • Unpredictable, Exciting!

    I m stacked with this show. Emma and Ethan, I so feel you. Love all the drama, the twists, and everything! Nice.
  • unexpected nice surprise

    I absolutely love this show. After reading the books I did not expect too much. I had a hard time getting the vibe (books), but the show is so different and every episode ends in suspense. It is getting better and better and the whole cast is at the height of their role.
  • Awesome

    I love this show! Cant wait till January for new episodes. They shouldn't make us wait so long.... I'm starting to forget some of whats happened.
  • Alexandra is A for Awesome

    Acting is hard but playing the protagonist and the bitchy protagonist at the same time doing it well is an outstanding achievement. A for effort. A for awesome
  • Love It!

    I love this show and I am trying to watch every single episode on the internet (really hard to do)!!!! LOVIN THIS SHOW!!!!!
  • Best show on TV 2011-2012 Because....

    Deception, withholding details, kidnapping (twice), and all those games high school students play agains each other, over two generations. And then there is MURDER. TLG has some Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys aspects as viewers wait for the big Luke-I-am-your-father reveal as twins seperated on day two of life reconnect with each other. And of course you cannot have a show about 17 year old twins with both twins going after the same guy.

    I have not been this interested in the twist and turns of a show since 24. I like the story lines most about the adults. Ted Mercer had to take his family away from Los Angeles back to Scotsdale, AZ but the reason has not yet been revieled. And everything else revolves around Ted's secret know only by his best friend Alec and the high school girl they tormented, Rebecca. Enjoy the ride. And remember, Texas forever (show is filmed in Austin)
  • bring it back!

    bring it back. you ended to early. please please bring it back!
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