The Lying Game - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • To Lie For
    Episode 10

    Dan uncovers some evidence in Theresa's murder suggesting that Rebecca is the killer, but she has already disappeared when the police go to apprehend her. Meanwhile, Emma tells Ethan that she is choosing him, only to have Ethan tell her that he needs to be there for his brother, which means ending his relationship with Emma. Everyone gathers for a charity benefit in Theresa's honor. There, Rebecca asks Alec to meet her on the roof, where she tells him that she has discovered the real identity of the murderer. Just as Ted is about to reveal the truth about the twins to Kristin, Alec crashes through the skylight, falling to the ground in the middle of the event. A new discovery is later made about Thayer.

  • The Grave Truth
    Episode 9

    Ted admits to Emma that Derek had been blackmailing him, but Ted claims that he didn't Derek. Alex and Ted are able to convince Dan that Rebecca is the real culprit. After Dan kicks Ethan out of the trailer for withholding information about Rebecca, Ethan ends up staying at the Mercers', which only increases the tension between him and Emma. Meanwhile, Sutton has a falling out with Rebecca, causing the twins to decide to reveal their identities to Ted. With all suspicions pointing to Rebecca, Theresa's body turns up in the country club pool.

  • Bride and Go Seek
    Episode 8

    Dan starts to panic when Theresa never shows up for their wedding, and he fears that her investigation into the Derek Rogers murder put her in danger. Emma suspects that Ted might be involved with Theresa's disappearance, but she doesn't want to reveal her theory to Sutton or Ethan until she has proof. Meanwhile, Ted learns that Alec and Kristin are growing closer and turns to Rebecca, and Jordan accepts ALec's offer to spy on Rebecca in exchange for Alec's help.

  • Regrets Only
    Episode 7

    Emma struggles with her feelings after sleeping with Thayer while still having unresolved feelings toward Ethan. The situation leads to Thayer picking a fight with Ethan, who later kisses Emma. Meanwhile, Emma's suspicions that Ted may have killed Derek continue to grow, and Rebecca is still determined to frame Alec for the murder. As Dan and Theresa get ready for their wedding, Theresa's growing interest in the Derek Rogers investigation puts her in a dangerous situation.

  • 2/12/13

    Emma and Thayer devise a plan to prove that Sutton and Rebecca are working together by having Emma pose as Sutton at the school formal. Their plan backfires, however, when Sutton arrives just in time to inform Rebecca of their scheme. Meanwhile, Kristin and Alec grow closer, while Rebecca also makes progress with Ted. Emma decides to lose her virginity to Thayer.

  • 2/5/13

    Laurel starts to suspect that Sutton is hiding something from her, but she and ends up in the hospital after falling off of Rebecca's fence while trying to uncover Sutton's secret. The news of Laurel's injury brings Emma back to Scottsdale from L.A., and she reveals to Laurel that she and Sutton are twins. Rebecca tries to bring Sutton back on her side by revealing an old secret of Kristin's.

  • 1/29/13

    Sutton's returns to her old life at the Mercer household and tries to undo the progress that Kristin and Ted have made in their reconciliation during family therapy. Meanwhile, Alec takes Rebecca on a tense honeymoon to the cabin, and Emma decides to take a trip to Los Angeles to be with Thayer.

  • Advantage Sutton
    Episode 3

    As Ted and Kristin make progress toward repairing their marriage, Rebecca demands that Sutton take her life back from Emma, which she accomplishes by winning a twin vs. twin tennis match. Mads encourages Laurel and Jordan to get together but ends up giving in to temptation and kisses Jordan herself. Dan and Theresa uncover evidence proving that Alec was framed and get him released from jail, but not before a confrontation between Alec and Thayer sends Thayer packing for Los Angeles.

  • Cheat, Play, Love
    Episode 2

    Rebecca throws a party for Jordan and asks him to invite Laurel's band to perform, hoping that will give her the chance to spend time with Ted. Meanwhile, Ted is busy trying to mend his relationship with Kristin. Ethan turns in a plagiarized paper that Sutton gave him in order to avoid flunking out of school, and Emma is unhappy when she learns what Ethan has done. This argument sends Ethan straight to Sutton's arms, and Emma and Thayer finally kiss.

  • The Revengers
    Episode 1

    Emma and Laurel form a plan to bring their parents together at Fairway Fest, but Rebecca and Sutton have a plan of their own to ruin the reunion. Alec fails to make bail and unexpectedly hires Theresa to represent him as his attorney, and Mads hooks up with Jordan, a new kid in town with mysterious ties to Rebecca.